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'Live' from Penang - Part 2

Okie.. Day 2.. nothing much to do around here. Actually planning to do some work over here but I guess the holiday mood is more alluring than going through the manual and tedious job of editing photos and updating my schedules (maybe this one can do on the 1 hr flight back to Senai)

Okie, so we went out in the morning about 10am, 1st stop - Prangin Mall, which is someway a cross between SimLim Square and Lucky plaza. Nothing much to see or do coz the shops open around 12pm so Ms Clover and I decided to go hunt for the famed Penang Chendol. Like they say: if you never try the famous chendol here, you have never been to Penang.

Finding the chendol was quite a breeze, seems that it's so famous that everyone knows where's it. Located in the alley along Penang Rd (Jln Penang), the teochew Chendol is really a very humble pushcart stall that offers the most impressive and delicious chendol I have ever tried. Not a dessert person here but this chendol (RM 1.30) gets the thumbs up from me - very nice blended coconut milk combined with the jelly and beans makes this dessert a very welcoming relief to the humid weather.

Had a wash/ dry session at one of the salon here.. the trend of hairstyles is alittle too radical for liking and thankfully, I didn't ask for a cut which is very cheap by the way, only RM28.

Bought some C9 DVDs (RM7.. cheap but later we found out that the pasar malam in Batu Ferringhi is going for RM4 a piece.. darns) so went back to the hotel to laze around and watch DVD and took a short nap before going out with Ms Clover's colleagues to Batu Ferringhi.

The 20 mins ride there was interesting, 7pm and at the blue hour, everything looked so surreal coz one thing Penang has it for itself is the structures are all far apart from one another so you get isolated pieces of subjects just waiting to be photographed. Too lazy to shoot so just appreciate and move on. Maybe one day I would just come back to Penang to shoot exclusively in my own leisure.

The pasar malam in Batu is not bad, lots of stuff (anyway, by all accounts, it is definitely 100% better than our dying S'porean pasar Malam) so we browse around for nice stuff like T-Shirts, some table decoratives and branded (read: imitation) stuff. I think Lil' Snooze would also like it here but then, most of the stuff comes from Bangkok so you are not losing anything out :)

Happy and tired, bought our stuff and went back to the hotel room to enjoy the rest of the DVDs.

Later! ^.^

Oh Prangin Mall ah, when it first started, we went over and my mum and aunt went ape with buying of clothes and shoes... Now, did not even got time to go to the town... Ahahahaha...

Heh... Glad to know that you enjoyed it... Like I say, I don't eat this anywhere else... Actually, I never did try it till recently... I usually take the green drink that they sell, while my mum and aunt pack in the chendol... After the first try... I was hooked... Heh...

Ooo... What movies title???

Looks like you enjoyed Batu Ferringhi more than me...

Hmmm.... You know... Maybe we could get a group and arrange for a shooting trip there??? Wonder if Nanie/Teh Peng would be interested... Heh...

yes yes interested!

me thinking of going on a short holiday at the end of the year... maybe will go penang.

hehehe... Cool!!! we can all go together then.. I would want to visit it again coz there's a lot I missed out - the ferry point to Butterworth.. not to mention the Penang bridge.

The trip there is really quite fuss free lah. Just a straight bus to KotaRaya II (City lounge), switch to a Senai Transfer bus (30 mins max journey time) and you are there in Senai Airport. Just need to catch the AirAsia promo tix coz it can be quite expensive if we all go during the peak season.

The plane ride is about 1hr 15mins and then it's about 20 mins taxi ride to Georgetown. If can, got home stay or not... hahaha. but then, the hotels there are quite affordable lah... mine's only about S$85 a night and you get a suite already! And room service food is cheap and good! heheheh

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