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'Nobody knows' - A film by Hirokazu Koreeda

What a beautiful film.. the cinematic treatment, the background development, how the story plot unfolds layer by layer and touches your heart at every dialogue and at every scene... based on a true story in Japan

This film has won rave reviews in its Cannes opening in 2004 .

The story of 4 siblings forced to rely on themself after their mother abandoned them and thru the ordeal, found love and independence and they all embarked on a journey nobody knows. The story's beginning is already very complicated as each child has different fathers but 1 mother. How they managed their life after their mother left them is really something that will touch your heart. How they manage to budget their money out, how they use their own ideas to settle certain adult stuff like surviving...

Back to the treatment, shot on Panavision 35mm film.. the composition and colors of this film is something that inspires. Lots of natural lighting and bold cinematic angles to showcase a very typical Japan landscape and household but right in the middle, a story that will pull you into the home and hearts of these children. The flashback is so subtle yet so meaningful. The best of it all is the dedication of the crew and director who portrayed everything in REAL TIME - so you actually get to see the characters grow up on screen.

The music piece is very soothing and full of dreamlike chords... an innocent yet ironic reflection of the storyline.

A real deal for a quiet film but do be prepared for some stark facts :) It's a very emotional piece...

Do check it out! ^.^

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