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Hong Kong aftermath

Still recovering from the trip... felt that this trip was too quick for me. Basically we are like hyper nomads, moving from one place to another in speed, not really stopping to taking in the whole atmosphere of the locations, very hard to make the connection with your phots when you dun spend enough time with your intended subjects.

Anyway, here's a sharing of some of the shots:

a) Rain

this shot was taken in my hotel room, the last day of our trip. Miraclously, it only poured on the day we are scheduled to leave HKG, the past 4 days were as humid as Singapore. A parting shot to this complex yet simple metropolis.

b) Crossings

this was shot on top of the pedestrain bridge along Sai Yee Street/ Argyle Street. The intrigue standoff between passerbys and vehicles along the broad roads of HKG island is quite an interesting thing to observe. I waited for quite some time for this 1 person to run across before taking the shot... at least it paid off.

c) Wait

Shot this lady waiting for her bus along the Flower market in Flower Market Rd.

d) Glimpse of Life in Macau

The chronological order of the trip is a little jumbled up but this is a shot taken when I was in Macau island. An hour's ferry ride and you are transported to a totally different place filled with beautiful architectural history and man, lotsa of walking. Was walking along the alleys when I happened to peek in through a slightly ajar gate and captured this scene where the children were curious who is this visitor :)

e) Journey

Again, at the pedestrain bridge in Arglye street. I particularly like this shot coz of it's simplistic presentation of HongKong's common scene. Ohh yeas, I waited like 20 minutes for this shot, much to my friend's annoyance. Hehehe... sorry Larry and thanks for putting up with me.

f) Whimsical shot

Back in Macau. I wasn't intending to shoot this scene but when the possibility came nearer and nearer, I realise it could be a good shot but the fumbling me forgot to reset my previous settings ( I shoot Manual mode all the time) and bam! a photographer's nightmare BUT after re-evaluating it again, I found that it's a very beautiful shot coz it's not only reflecting my mindset at that particular frame of time but also an imposed perception about the subject's perception of the world around her. Then again I may just be making excuses... but geniunely, I love this shot.

g) Man

I suspect this man to be a little loony coz he was just squatting there and muttering to himself and stuff like that. In my mind I wanted to go very close, very very close coz I always kinda reminded by James Nachtwey's matra on PJ photography: "If you ain't close enough, it ain't good enough" Considering he shoots primarily with an ultra wide, imagine how close he has to be to his subjects to shoot those in-your-face award winners. But given the space of time (we were actually rushing to catch the ferry to Hong Kong Island from Tsim Sha Tsui) so did a quick hyper focus, lowered my camera to my knee level and burst 2 shots off before joining the others. Results came back ok but still I want to be closer, to be intimate to know his story.

h) Foggy

Aug and Sept are particularly bad months to come to enjoy the beautiful island of Hong Kong. It's rainy season and it's smoggy in the skies. best time is actually from Oct onwards but ohh well.... this shot was taken on the famous Peak but I decided to stay away from the commonly taken business district skyline shots so I took a long hike to the opposite end of peak and ended up on this path leading to the Dragon Gate look out. It's so beautiful and serene. Will have the night shots up soon. Stay tuned.

i) Taxi

One of my favourite shots. A landmark of HongKong just outside our hotel.

j) Tram

This was taken on the way back from the Ping Hsiang Heritage trail where we went to explore the ancestral grounds of HKG people who have lived there in villages for many generations. I was trying desperately to get a intercrossing of trams shot but none came. It was running late into the evening and the next tram was coming soon so I hastily took a recording shot and it turned out this.

k) Hong Kong Station

In transition to a KCR from HKG station to go to Tai-O.

l) The water guy

Was at Wing Lok Street coz I seriously don't like to shoot Monastaries and Temples so while the group went to Wong Tai Sin and Po Lin Monastary, I took a train to their next destination - Sheung Wan (but eventually they didn't come and we went to Tai-O to meet them). Spotted this guy taking a breather after offloading the water canisters

m) Life

Back to Macau.. hehehe... after a tedious climb up along the slopes of some alleys in Ruade S. Paulo, we ended up at the Fortess of Our Lady of the Mount (actually we were aiming for St Paul's ruins but then...) and while we were strolling around and taking a breather (the camera and tripod and the rest of gears took their toll along this stretch), I went around and through this looking hole formerly used by soldiers to shoot through with their rifles, I saw this little plant, growing by itself and I marvelled at its strength despite the stoney environment it's growing up in.

Okie, that's all for now.. will update more when I clear my work.... man, it piled up quite tremendously during a mere 5 days absence ^.^


WOW. V nice.
U caught and presented a different side of HK.
V beautiful. Guess I only concentrated on the food and shopping.

Now SQ offering $248 to HK. can go again! :)

Hehehe... Thinking of going again in Oct :D
Jetstar's around 88 per way so it should be slightly less than SIA.

hahha.. planning a birthday gateaway for Serene - Take her for a shopping trip to HK!

Thanks.. I find that HK is an excellent place for street photography (food photography too). ^.^

that the good thing about HK street...over here...we have lost the old streets due to development.

actually that's true.. you can find refurbished old buildings in S'pore BUT without the people.... it's just not the right stuff :)

How's preps for next Tues? hehe.. exciting time! ^.^

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