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'Live' from Penang!

Hahah... my little (mis)adventure started right in the morning at the Kranji bus stop. After boarding the CW1, went pass the Singapore custom, across the causeway (man.. one day must go to the causeway bridge to take photos.. the scene @ 6.50am is so beautiful with mist cover structure and the soft morning lights just lightly brushing thru the mist to create a surreal picture of street, architecture and culture.

Once over the JB custom, I came out of the office and behold! no bus!!! Thank goodness this is a feeder bus so there will another one coming along every 15 mins - 30 mins but it did gave my heart a little pump coz I was expecting a smooth trip all the way.

Okie, so after brushing off tazi hagglers and waiting patiently for the next CW1, I boarded it quickly and thought "yes! to the airport!" Boy, was I wrong!

The bus travelled alittle along the highway and I was quite mindful to keep track which road I was at so that at least I knonw it goes to Senai.. but when the bus turn off the highway to go to Larkin, I knew I was on the wrong bus! (Actually CW1 has 2 bus service: 1 direct to Senai Airport; the other direct to Larkin terminus) Sigh.... so I ended up in Larkin bus terminus and after checking around, thankfully, there's a bus heading to Senai but it's not as fast as the CW1 but beggers can't be choosers and I certainly don't wanna send too much money on taxi fares.

While waiting, I saw this red bus coming along and thought nothing of it until it started horning (without even docking at the bus dock) and then I saw it was a bus to Senai! Wah lau! I ran for the bus, hopped onto it and paid RM$ 3 for a long ride (about 35 - 40 mins) to Senai.

By now, the morning sun has started to make me feel sick (ask any regular nocturnals - they will tell you they really hate the morning sun) and so I quick check in (2 hrs early) and went to this cool cafe to have a sit-down and breakfast. ( the resturant is really cool, designer feel with lots of glass, fiberglass and colorful flowers to spice up the place. Food is excellent. Had a waffle and a cuppucinno which is reallyy delectable)

Anyway, the trip to Penang is about 1 hr 15 mins so nothing much happened except I slept through the flight. A 20 mins ride to the Northam All Suites hotel located in Georgetown later, I arrived at this very cosy and good service hotel suite located in the busy area of Georgetown.

My 1st impression - WOW! lotsa of natural sunlight streaming into the room thru the blinds. The living room is separated from the bedroom and there's a full size jacuzzi bathtub in the bathrooom. A mini Studio apartment concept which makes it a very nice place to stay in. Next.. there's broadband access (which I'm using now) in the room so it's very cool but it's wired so I can't work on the bed while watching TV in comfort.

After a soak, went to take a nap and before I knew it, Ms Clover has came back from work and she came to wake me from my dazed slumber. Hehehe.. I think I should change my body clock timing liao.. this nocturnal thing is really quite disruptive.

So a quick dinner @ Gurney Plaza, which is really affordable based on comparisions to Singapore's same standard, and a long walk back to the Northam, I was ready to settle in to my work.

Update again tomorrow!! :D Tomorrow must go try the Chendol in Penang Rd, visit the Pasar Malam in Batu Ferringhi and may be go to Argyll Rd to look see look see.

Later folks :)

Batu Ferringhi !!! enjoy the place!!!

sounds like u had quite an adventure...

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