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another long update...

Heh.. lapse in updating my blog seems to have taken its toll on my subconsciousness... a need to blog has driven me once again to sit down infront of the computer and start typing away the many memories of the days' happenings.

So let's start with Tuesday (27th Sept) -

Met up with my client @ her office in Suntec to pass her the completed wedding package item and since I personally loved the shot of her in that wedding dress toss, I printed one out for her as a gift from me. She loves it tremendously and was pleasantly surprised that it came out looking very good (her hubby was also very happy with it) .. as for me, the satisfaction is that it was a good job and everyone's happy with the work done. This is really what I like about this profession.

Went down early to the Airport to meet Silver_crv for a quick meal of Mac'D and to pass him some stuff and sat to chat about future plans and travels and all the little details about our life. Ms Clover's flight is due in around 7.30pm also. It was a really enjoyable chat (nearly forgotten to pick Ms Clover up also when her flight landed..hahah...) My idea of a running embrace, then a spin -round followed by a long kiss to welcome her home (yes, we can get dramatic at times...) is cut short to a kiss on the lips and a quick hug before moving off to meet her mum who is also in the airport. Whisked her to the doc to get a jab to rid her of the gastric discomfort and was given 2 days MC to rest aplenty before heading back tot work on Fri.

Just very happy that she is back safe and sound :)

Wednesday (28th Sept) -

Right, we both woke up bright and early and decided to go for breakfast downstairs. She can't really take much food as she's still recovering but she's really better now after the jab.
Went to the local salon to wash and dry our hair (yes.. we do it sometimes when we have the time and I think I need to go get a haircut soon)
Decided to make it a good day by venturing to Bugis Junction since cooping up in the house seems to be a bad idea for recovery.

It was a shopping day for us as we browsed thru' Seiyu and our 1st stop was Missha cosmetics (for a long time now, I wanted to bring Ms Clover to go visit this shop but we never seems to find the time or opportunity to get ourselves down to Bugis)... their stuff quite inexpensive and really unassumingly good (that's what she said after trying on the liquid foundations and make-up powders). Ms Clover loved the products and as a treat, she pick; I pay. Not very often she likes a cosmetics product so I play host since I brought her to the shop.

Next stop, bags and shoes.. ahah.. it's really retail therapy coz we like to discuss and compare and exchange ideas on what is nice and fashionable and what is downright 'auntie' or 'out the window fashion'. We saw this pair of casual slippers by DMK which I think looks really good on her and the price is very inexpensive. Tried it on and it matches her. hehe.. into the shopping bag it goes!

Was looking for HUSH-HUSH boutique but can't find it so we went to the ground floor handbag shop to look-see look-see. Saw a trendy semi-formal handbag by Elle which looks sweet (pink) and trendy enough for outings and semi formals. Decided to hold on the purchase as she would like to see more. Saw this doggie motif snatchal bag which I think looks too casual but she, being practical as always, saw that it's a bag she can use at work, to hold documents and yet holds her dailies in it comfortably. And very cheap too! (the story is supposed to end with a purchase but we got distracted and moved on but we will be back for it soon!)

I went up the men's dept to look for some nice business casual shirts and saw this very nice japanese street brand designer shirt which I love the motifs and the fabric... too bad, it is really for lean japanese guys... so no size for me. But from the same brand, I saw this nice cargo pants which looks very trendy and very fitting for work. Tried and decided to get it as it's only $49 which is a steal for a multi-functional work pants.

Tired and hungry, we went to Raffles City shopping center's Soup Spoon to have a well-deserved dinner and happy with the purchases, we talked about the many things couples will talk about and I realised a fact that I really missed having Ms Clover around when she's on overseas attachment. When she's not around, things ain't seemed to be complete. Now it feels right again with her around.

Our evening ended with her bringing the stuff home on her own as I have to meet up 2 clients that has arranged to meet me that evening. When I finally finished and went back to her place, she was commenting to me that she has throughoutly enjoyed herself. In my heart, I enjoyed the little shopping trip coz she's back safe and is well again.

Okie, update a little more about today later :)

nice talking to you that evening..enjoyed it too. Maybe we should ordered a bigger dinner set nexttime..what do you think huh?? heehee...

Good to hear she is ok now!! cheers!!

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