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Updates from Day 04 - the trip home...

(click for larger image) - Taken @ Central Festival, Phuket.. gawd! I'm fat!

No no.. we haven't disappeared from the face of the Earth... just that coming back home from such a lovely holiday just kinda make you spaced out a little.... (for us, it's thru' the weekend)

Well, we din do a lot on the last day of the trip.. just spending the morning in the pool, swimming and tanning. Having breakfast on the sundeck is really quite an experience - the breeze blowing, the blue skies and of coz, a growing dread that we have to leave all these behind when we check out later... sigh.. well, at least we have alot of good memories and experience here .. hehehe...

After we arranged for the late check-out and making sure our luggage were been taken care of, we hired a car to go Central Festival. It isn't very big but the important thing, that we always must have whenever we come to Thailand, is to go and have a meal in Fuji Japanese restaurant. hahah... yeah, we are quite fanatic over the cheap and good Japanese food we can over here... a pity that lobsters weren't in the season so we can't have our usual lobster dishes but the rest still tasted just as good.

(click for larger image) - Central Festival, Phuket

Not much shopping to be done here coz we ain't in the shopping mood... so just milling around, looking at window displays and contemplating over an impulse to fly from Phuket to Bangkok instead of returning home to Singapore...

yes, we have that thought since the night before and we did our sums, it's all budgetly viable but becoz' of the upcoming event in October, we decided to just let it be coz in late Oct, we will be heading off to somewhere for a getaway :)

Oh, I must share this funny story and a little advice: Always tag your luggage.

We were on the late night flight back from Phuket and arrival's around 12.40am in Singaland. My dear Ms Clover was in a hurry to grab our luggages while I was q-ing @ the DFS to get some champagnes and guess what? she took the wrong luggage!

Can't blame her coz the luggage she took was exactly the same pattern and make from OP (Ocean Pacific), only difference was the size. We didn't notice this diff until we were happily @ home and was about to unpack when Ms C realised that her key didn't fit. A quick check revealed the terrible blunder (that's about 1.50am already)... argh!!!

We immediately called up the Budget Terminal's Lost & Found luggage dept and was very relieved that the other person who took our luggage made a report also when she realised her own blunder (she came out earlier than us and took the wrong luggage also) and so @ 2.45am, we finally met up and exchanged luggages in the Budget Terminal... yes... it happens so lesson learnt!

And that's really the end of the trip for us and a new beginning. Thank you all very much who have sent congratulations thru' the blog and smses, it's very touching and heartfelt in sharing our joys :)

Will update this blog again later this week coz work's waiting... :D

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hey same thing hapened to one of our friends when we came back from Bangkok last year..someone took his and went home!! only managed to exchange the next day.

Hey! It's traceable. Your luggage has been tagged already. And the airline can always find out easily who the other party is from the baggage tag number and booking records in case the other party doesn't want to own up. But still, better don't leave anything valuable inside.

Recommended: Bright yellow ribbon. Heh.

Hey Sorry a little but late but congrats on your upcoming wedding!

My luggage always has a flowery conspicuous scarf tied to it. Obiang I know, but I can tell it's mine from a hundred miles away.

Really? Wah... it's just so inconvenient hor... too bad that travel insurance does not cover this part.

hahaha... yeah but we can't find the sticker and thankfully, the other party has a baggage tag.

hahah.. yeah.. will try that!

yoz! Thanks thanks :)

No lah, where got obiang.. we just din have the habit of tying something to our luggages but now we learn :)

Yeah, we also got ribbon tied around it :P

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