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Updates from Day 01

Updating from the extremely comfortable bed in Phuket Pavillions... :)

We arrived rather early to the Pavillions and have been treated to a very hospitable welcome by the staff right from the airport.. As Ms Snooze has already blogged on some of the creature comforts such as the incense-infused wet towels and cold bottled water for the short 20 mins journey from the airport to the Pavilions (a definite welcome coz we can hardly open our sleep-laden eyes when we arrived), we get a little taste of how the current weather in Phuket can be as beautiful as it can be unpredictable: we were informed that as we arrived, it has rained non-stop the day before and yet, the sun was shining bright now. In the distance beyond the fields of crops and undeveloped land as we zoomed thru' the traffic enroute to the Pavillions (which is situated on top of a hill btw), we caught glimpses of darken skies here and there... we really thanked God for giving us merciful journey and the wonderful weather when we arrived.

the following pictures will tell a little more about the Pavillions:

(click for larger image) - Our welcome drink :) heheh.. we remembered the buggy no-no advice from teh couple.

(click for larger image) - Ms Clover was also given a small hand garland of jasmine buds

(click for larger image) - The signatory red 'P' embroidered on the chairs and cushions lends a class status to this upscale resort.

(click for larger image) - The front yard before reaching the door of the Pavillion where we stayed in. You have to love the lighting here...

(click for larger image) - The living room of the 300sqm Pavillion.

(click for larger image) - the opposite view of the living room. Only qualm: why no huge-arse plasma TV?

(click for larger image) - the functional kitchenette

(click for larger image) - the walkway towards the bedroom

(click for larger image) - the extremely comfortable bed. btw I was standing in calf-deep waters when taking this shot. Yupz, the infinity pool is just 7 steps away from the foot of the bed... talk about a morning splash!

(click for larger image) - The walk-in wardrobe area and into the unbelievably huge bathroom.

(click for larger image) - that tub looks small here but it's huge in reality... and becoz of its unique shape, you feel like a piece of sald in a salad bowl... hahah...

(click for larger image) - you just have to love the lighting....

(click for larger image) - Was so hungry so we decided to get breakfast @ the Pavillions and ate at their breakfast cafe area facing the beautiful Andaman Sea. The wind was cool and we just enjoyed the food.

The pictures speak for themselves :)

We spent the day just doing nothing (took naps, read magazines we got from the airport, watch lotsa TV and the episodes of Hustle, swam...etc). On and off, we got light showers also but it's okie, we are holed up in the comforts of the pavilion. Came evening, we decided to go up to the 360 (restaurant in Pavillions) for our dinner (will blog with pics tomorrow) and finished off with more tele-watching. Ohh yeah, the downtempo and house music they provided in the iPod is great!

Righty, will sign off here coz the Zzzz monster is calling again.. more exciting entries tomorrow! *hint hint*

A sneak preview: we'll be checking out this restaurant (discovered by Ms Snooze) tomorrow evening.

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:) We totally wish we are there again. :P

lovely photos again! Ricoh?
one after another...when is my turn!?! :D

oh yes!!.. *hint hint* ahh..ahhh hahaha.. :P

It looks like a lovely retreat for couples.

this is GREAT!!! find out more from u when u r back:)

lil Snooze:
I'm sure you guys will go again lah.. hehehe... we can all go together the next time round too!

Thanks! Nope, this time round, it's from the 1DmkIIn. Once lil Edgar is a little bigger, I'm sure you guys will make travelling plans.. and with 1st hand experience from reading blogs, hahaha, you wil be spoilt for choices.

it is! Very private and very intimate setting just for couples.

hehehe.. will do. We all haven't meet up for a long time liao..

We want to see MORE pictures, excited!!! heheheh ;)

*drool. big-time*

actually i am now spoilt for choices lor! :D

I'm gg to do what lilsnooze did - bombard MM with beeyoutifool pics of the resort!!! Hiak hiak.

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