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Day out Tuesday...

Dedicated Tuesday to shopping with Ms Clover for our upcoming trip to Phuket...

1st Stop: The Central for lunch @ Waraku...

Ordered the Gyu Yanagawa Wazen (which I tried the other time) and a Tonpei Yaki while Ms Clover went for the set lunch Wazen of Hokkai Tororo & Zaru Chasoba... lunchtime is extremely packed with people from MOM and the neighbouring CBD office workers but the service attitude and amazingly fast serving of our meal by the attentive staff of Waraku made having lunch there an enjoyment..... although I was very tempted to join in the booming choruses of 'Irrashai!' 'Hai!' 'Onegaishimasu!' typical of a bustling Japanese restaurant.

One thing I really like about Waraku @ The Central is the big windows at the booth seats that overlooks the big Singapore longkang aka Singapore River... the light that streams into the restaurant is perfect for shots like this:

(click for larger image) - I always love this look of her's

After lunch we went around The Central coz it's still a little too early to head down to FIL @ Singapore Shopping Center for our facial appointment (yes, we go for facial appts together) and discovered Nippon-Ya & Yamakawa Super in the basement.

Hahaha... it's Pocky haven for me! They have alot of Glico products (not the usual Pocky sticks we see in snack shops or corners) but the more upmarket packaging kind and it's slightly cheaper also compared to buying them @ Isetan or Japanese supermarkets. A surprise find was this sweet which I must recommend for those who love honey.

*side note to self: I think I will go crazy with the Buy Buy Buy craze if I ever go Japan... *

Senjaku 100% Pure Honey Candy

it's a candy made of 100% honey! Tasted really good and it's pretty as well :)

(click for larger image)

And we popped by Gobi to take a look @ the pretty little pastries and bought the mini Macarons to try as our desserts. Actually we just wanna get everything in the quint little shop coz everything looks so nice!

(Click for larger image) - our Sugar high presented in the size of a 50cts coin :p

After Central, we head off to our facials and then to Square2 in Novena to check out some stuff there... 1st stop was to BUD Cosmetics. Opened and managed by Eric who is very helpful and knowledgeable on the products (he uses them as well), we had a good time looking and testing the balms and creams. Initially we wanted to get the Badger SPF30 sunscreen as recommended by DomesticRat but the stock order hasn't come in yet so we decided to go another brand of organic Sunscreen called Soleo Organics SPF 30+.

(image linked from BUD Cosmetics)

Some of the product stats linked from BUD Cosmetics:

The new Soleo Organics Sunscreen is made using ONLY natural and organic ingredients, according to Naturopathic principles for holistic health and well-being. This formula provides broadspectrum SPF30+ protection against UV-A rays, which cause premature ageing of the skin and UV-B rays, which cause sunburn.

3 hour water resistant.

* NO chemical UV-absorbers
* NO synthetic preservatives
* NO titanium dioxide
* NO benzoates
* NO petrochemicals
* NO artificial fragrances

Formulated for ALL skin types, including babies
Because Soléo Organics sunscreen only contains natural and organic ingredients it is ideal for young children, pregnant women, people with sensitive skin and those who are simply health conscious.

Soléo Organics formulations use revolutionary nanofine zinc technology to provide comprehensive sun protection, without leaving your skin white.

Nothing to Hide Ingredients:
Grapeseed oil, macadamia oil, green tea extract, roman chamomile extract, sunflower oil, capric/caprylic triglycerides (plant oil derived), beeswax, theobroma butter, candelilla wax, lecithin, vegetable oils, cucumber extract, tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E)

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Zinc oxide 22.3%

BUD Cosmetics also carries skin care products from US, Australia and Germany

Well, to top off the shopping, Ms Clover got herself a pair of heels, 2 jeans and 3 dress tops... (pre-trip excuses to buy clothes I think.. but whatever that makes her happy :)

So ends Tues with a nice dinner @ Fish & Co in Velocity.. really looking forward to the weekend liao...

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oh man..you just make the honey candy even more honey :P
good picture!!good colours!!! offer them as advertisement man!!! no joke!!!!

you beat me to this one! I was just surfing their site a few days ago but decided to chk it out the next time I return home. Let me know if the Soleo Organics Sunscreen is any good becos the ingredients list sure is impressive :-) and thanks for reading that awfully long blog post of mine... I did wonder if anyone would bother. Hee.

Ms clover is definitely getting more and more beautiful.

hehehe.. I finished the 1st bag in 1 day! Went to get another 2 more bags last evening. Thanks.. it's really good.

DO give Eric a call to see if the stock for it has come in coz they dun order in bulk so the quantity that comes in is really limited :)

Hahah.. I'm closet-trolling all the blogs in my list and I read everything lah.. very informative and interesting. I guess with the environment these days, al-natural is the way to go :D

hehehe.. she is on cloud 9 from your comment :p

Wow, Ms Clover got so much "seh3" - that's a stylo shot lor!

ms clover can do moodshots really well :)

I worked at Waraku a loooong time ago when they were still known as Sento at East Coast. Most of the staff at the original outlet has gone on to be managers at the new outlets, and if I spot on of them, I get 10% knocked off my bill!

Next time want to go bring me along ok? Irashaimase!

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