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Updates from Day 02 (part 2)

Ratri Jazztaurant really deserved a post of its own. When Lil Ms Snooze 1st sent me the link to this beautiful restaurant, my 1st impression was "Wow! I must bring Ms Clover there!" So a very quick check on the food reviews and other relevant reviews (which are all in the 3.5 - 4 out of 5 stars range) I wrote Jay (the restaurant owner) an email reservation. With all the arrangement settled, we hired a chauffeured car from 0530pm - 0930pm to bring us to this beautiful spot perched high up overlooking Kata Beach.

* for future guests, do cater for 1) time for travelling. We took about 55mins from Pavillions in Layan to Kata due to some traffic also. 2) be there around 6.30pm for the magnificent view of Kata during the dusk (blue hour). 3) Get an external hired guide which will be cheaper than the hotel's arranged limousine services. We paid around 700 THB (SGD33 approx) to & fro.

** Driver - Jay Tosapon of Unseen Guilin of Thailand (http://www.siamintertour.com) He is a certified tour guide of Phuket as well as a volunteer tourism police (with certifications & credentials). 1st impression: he is very well-built (the kind that you would associate muay thai boxer/ bouncer with) and very chatty but he is very nice. His salon car (nicknamed Air Force One) is really a modded Toyota but hey, it's unique coz he really does have a huge car decal on the side of the car that spells Air ForceOne). He deals & operates adventure tours (jungle trekking/ river kayaking..etc) mainly but sideline driving tourists like us around when he's free.
Contact: 081-891 5021 (handphone)

Here's some pictures of Ratri Jazztaurant:

(click for larger image) - Kid you not, the slope is around 40 degrees elevation. Even Jay's Air Force One had a little trouble taking off.. hahaha... but the view from below is fantastic. You can't miss the warm glowing lights of the restaurant on the hill during dusk when you are nearing.

(click for larger image) - I believe the owner loves exercising coz this steps are like 1/4 of the way up only! We were quite breathless (literally) by the time we climbed up there...

(click for larger image) - But the climb is definitely worth it! Tall pillars framed the open-air restaurant and gives you the whole uninterupted view of the dusk in Kata Beach.

(click for larger image) - Cosy settings and sofa seats for comfortable lounging and dining.

(click for larger image) - the 1st level drinks bar.

(click for larger image) - The view when you sit down @ your table.

(click for larger image) - other angles of the restaurant

(click for larger image) - As the blue hour approaches, the lighting really makes everything stood out.

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image) - the blue hour is here!

(click for larger image) - Dinner for 8?

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image) - The bar on the 2nd level.

(click for larger image) - perfect place to just lounge and listen to the awesome live jazz band - Manolo and his crew

(click for larger image) - the wine cellar on the 2nd level. A pity that we din really went in to have wine coz the jazz band was starting and I would really like to have the front row sofa.

(click for larger image) - A night isn't complete without champagne :p

(click for larger image) - and more champagne...

(click for larger image) - the night view when looking over the balcony area. Have to handhold this shot coz I was rather lazy to bring the tripod...

The food shots? Ahh.. that's coming up in the next post tonight.. now to take a warm soak in the bathtub and later to Patong for a little walk-about and Kata to visit this restaurant which Ms Clover visited the other time earlier this year in April - 2 Chefs Bar & Grill : )

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very nice images of the restaurants and the scenery. Love the 2nd piece most!
Thanks for the insights.. dude!
You can sell them these imges too!

Yah, when can we engage you to take our interior shots of the hotel too? Heh. Oh we wanna see picture of your FIANCEE Ms Clover with the rock!!! ;)

Wow so nice...regret not going!

You made this particular holiday truly unforgettable for Miss Clover!

heheh..thanks! I'm planning to email Pavilions with some sample shots and.. *cross fingers* payment in the form of another week's stay? hahaha

haha.. thanks for seeing the potential :) Well, if your hotel is really interested, I'm open for business :p

Lil Ms Snooze:
hehe.. can go again mah.. but transportation cost is really a put-off sia... but if you guys are interested, we can all go together the next time

heheh... the way to a girl's heart :D

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