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and she said:

Y E S!

even though it involved jumping into the cold water of the pool, swimming off to the furthest corner from the bedroom and loudly proclaiming my love for her and then popping the big question (still in the water)...

and later on 1 bended knee to put on the ring...

she said YES! that's all that matters! ^.^

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haha!! congrats. Mission accomplished.

CONGRATS to you and Miss Clover!!! Another happy couple to walk down the aisle. :-)

Wooooohooooo!! Congrats! =)



Yeeeeeeepeeee!!!!congratulation!!! to the both of you!!!

wah!! hah after all the preparations...you still have jumping..swimming...sounds like SOC training lay!! :P

hahahaha, still must swim and jump one ah?


Awwww... Congratulations you two!!!

Congrats dude!! knew you were up to something!!:P smiling in your dreams and all... hahaha!:)

CONGRATS!! We are all so happy for you two!!! :)

No wonder you took her on so many holidays recently. In army terms, you were softening the terrain for ground troops! Haha. Congratulations. I will shoot your wedding with a handphone camera right???

hehehe.. thank U all for your congrats and for the kind support... it was kinda nerve-wrecking to pop the question :D

Will blog about the murphy's law process after tomorrow :)

ha! thanks for the sms!

xie xie! hehehe...

Lil Snooze & Teh Peng:
We really own it to you both for making all this happen :)

hahaha.. yes, mini SOC but one I would do very gladly.

Thank you very much!

hehehe... partly the reason lah but seriously I dunno what I was really dreaming about :p

Hehehe.. thank you thank you!! :D

Heng: hahaha... strategy works! Of coz, I welcome you to shoot with pinhole also can


congrats man. :) wes

Hey! Congrats! :)

- Jane D.

yahoo!!! congra-too-lay-shuns!!!


Now the question is... who's gonna shoot your wedding? Hahhaha



yo ron, another one bites the dust!! ahhaha.. i meant that in the most congratulatory manner possible!!! good on u mate!!!

Thanks Nanie, Wes, Jane D, Yuhsin, JohnnyM, Eng Hong & Joho! :)

Johnny M:
hahahah... seriously I dun noe and I have been bugged by this question also... ohh well. Whoever he/ she is, he/ she will have a hard time lor coz we'll definitely be inviting some of Singapore's most prominient ans famous wedding photographers as our guests...

then there will be a riot... :p

Congrats! Any photos of the process? That should be pretty interesting.hahaha.

woohoo.. congrats!! .. i had to scroll over the long list of comments to post mine!! :)

ooh la la!!! congratsss man!!

i'm late heh... congrats!
:) big smiles all around.

wooo! congratulations!!!

Congrats! Are you going to shoot your own wedding? hahaha. =)

Wow... Congrats! Hmm... Erm... So... When is the actual day???

Ok... Who's next!!!!!

Thanks Marvin, JX, JoJo, Ruth, imp, laissezfaire and visinv!

hahah... sadly nope coz with all the murphy's law of things, I din really get to execute my original plan so by the time it was Plan C, I just concentrate on getting the proposal right.

hehehe.. so do I! have to scroll all the way to read the entries and enter mine as well :D

hahaha... you know this question do bug me for a long time... maybe to be unconventional, I may shoot my own wedding... hehehe... not.

not so soon lah... 2 years time for the customary I think.. have to attend Pastor's classes as well ya know.. :)

omg, what did i miss!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! so happy for you!!

hehehe... thanks Candice, dun wory, din miss much :D

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