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Update from Day 03 - the morning after...

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Do bear with the longwinded story :)

Okie okie, there's really no story about the proposal plans, just God's timely blessings and lotsa support from our friends :)

How it all started:

The plan was supposed to be launched during Oct this year on Ms Clover's birthday but since we have decided to go travelling in Aug, I decided to do it early during then. That was back in mid June (yeah... we got the travel bug even after coming back from Krabi barely 1 month earlier)

1st off, I want to give thanks to God for all the wonderful timing and for His blessings in everything. The period when I got the ring was during GSS which allowed me to get the ring ,which I was eyeing on for some time already, for a better price although it still left a crater in my account but praise the Lord for He has blessed me so much. I was very ecstatic when I smsed TehPeng the day I bought it :D

The next was the timing of the vacation. At first we were looking to go to Genting and then to Penang but a quick change of plan occured when Lil' Ms Snooze told me that they are going to Phuket in late July. So I surfed around and saw that Tiger Airways's having a great deal on tixs to Phuket and so Phuket it was! Our 1st choice of accom was Aleenta coz it really looked very good and their beach loft was something I know Ms Clover will like a lot. Sadly, a quick indepth check over emails and tourist reviews confirmed that the beach lofts have no private pools, no TVs and it's situated @ a very remote site off Phuket. That's going to a big no-no for us coz we would like to go exploring and do some shopping as well.

Lil Ms Snooze then suggested the resort they were going to - Phuket Pavilions. It's much bigger, private pool, award-winner and almost same price as Aleenta. As we always book our hotel stays from Asiarooms.com, I quickly booked online and waited with much anticipation f orconfirmation from the hotel BUT I can't believe it when the email reply and sms came the next day informing that there's no more vacancy left in Pavilions....

Really panicked and a little thrown off-course, I quickly smsed teh couple who, by this time, were in Phuket already and staying in Pavilions to inform and check with them if the period that I have planned to go up is indeed fully booked. Apparently Asiaroom.com only allocates a small portion to their clients so their quota is full and therefore I can't get a successful booking thru' them.

Therefore it's really God's blessings that Lil' Ms Snoose and Teh Peng were there during that time and they quickly helped me reserved their pavilion as well as even arranging for their butler to service our stay when we go up in Aug. (Thank you guys!)

Again, we experienced God's blessings during the week running up to leaving for Phuket... remember I blogged about the rising Thai Baht? Well, the Thai Baht dropped steadily during the week leading up and was back to the range of SGD$ 46 for every 1000 THB. Even as I blog now, the THB has started to climb back up again.

The proposal - here comes Murphy's Law:

Well, Ms Clover was obviously blown away with the stay @ Phuket Pavilions and we had a grand time just relaxing on the 1st day by the pool and during dinner in 360 (the restaurant in Pavilions)

The 2nd day was pre-planned when I was still in Singapore. While exchanging MSN info on Phuket, Lil' Ms Snooze showed me Ratri Jazztaurant and my 1st impression was seriously good (and they have live Jazz music - even better!). Again, I made my reservation for dinner over email with Jay (the owner) and was replied after 2 days with a confirmation :D

My plan initially was to propose over drinks & a slow dance after dinner to the tune of 'Quando Quando Quando' played by Manolo and his Jazz band. Before all that, I was quite jittery and definitely feeling an increasing stress coz what if the plan didn't go as well as I have envisioned or whatever hiccups are there... Xiao Long Bao did sms-ed me a while back when I announced that I will be doing the proposal in Phuket that it need not to be perfect, just take it easy. I also remembered replying that I will keep it simple and sincere. Ha, the real thing wasn't as easy.

Dinner @ Ratri was very good. Ms Clover was overwhelmed with the beauty of the place, the good food and the amazing live music. I had initially wanted to ask the band to play 'Quando' and to my surprise, just as I was about to ask, they launched into it! Ha! God's perfect timing again BUT Ms Clover was quite lethargic and I just couldn't persuade her to dance. Fizzied... Can't really propose like that also... so Plan B.

Back at the Pavilion, I was setting up the bedroom with the ring on the bed and was taking some photos of the ring when I heard her walking into the room. Darn! I swiped the ring quickly into my hand and told her that I was photographing the fabric on the bed. Fizzled again... Plan C

by this time I was like, HOW NOW?

Okie, so I did the next best thing. We sat on the bed, talked and joked a little and then I asked,
"Do you love me?"
"Darling, would you marry me?"

Hahahah.. yupz, her 1st answer was NO....

she followed up with this: "unless you jump into the pool now, swim to the further corner and ask me again, maybe I will consider..."

No hesitation... slide open the doors to the pool from the bedroom, jumped into the freezing waters, wade to the end of the pool and yelled my question to her again...

Ha, the rest was history :)

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LOL...Thanks for sharing bro. In the end, ms clover didn't need all the fancy stuff to say yes :)

hahaha!! she said "no" because u forgot to show her the rock?:P

but u i have to say, u have great friends to help u along:)

Wahahah!!! Well Done Ms Clover!!!
Yes!!..everyone played a big part leading to the wonderful proposal..you must give them a big treat!! :D

congrats once again from Mr & Mrs & little Silver_crv

you're such a sweetie! remember u saying no swimming coz at night the pool was freezing! you brave one! ahhh...ms clover should have given you something tougher!!!! roarrrr! heh.

We are just glad to be of help :)

Heehee, somehow I can imagine Ms Clover's tone when saying that to you! :)

auw..thats still so sweet..no matter how simple it is. ocngrats, ron! :)

oops..i mean congrats. ;)

so sweet to read about how guys make the effort to profess their love and take the first step to make the HUGE commitment..

At least it finally worked out!!!

Indeed, after all that planning, it only took such a simple task for you to do that she accepted - so sweet lor!!! So happy for you guys! :)

hehehe.. thank you all for the kind congrats :D

hahah.. yeah I guess so.. I might as well jump into the public swimming pools...

nope, I showed her the ring 1st...

hehe.. thank you!!

yeah lor... I guess Love really makes you do crazy things :)

Lil Ms Snooze:
Ha, her mannerism is tell-tale right...

Ohh my goodness!! it's U! Heye! How are you.. so long haven't seen on your work on CS forums. Just read on your blog that you had a bad fall. Hope you are recovering well and good :) How did you find tmy blog btw ? hehehe... thanks!!

heheh.. thanks! Nothing's changed lah... it's like everyday :)

haha.. you can imagine the stress.... all the way down to Plan C somemore.

hahaha... I guess I have made proposing look too easy liao.. haha.. thanks ! hehehehe :)

i enjoyed reading that..haha as with your photography...keeping it simple does wonders :)

I know this is really late, but congrats man!

yuhsin: hahha.. thanks!

Paul: hey man! long time.. how have you been? Thanks for the well wishes! :)

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