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Went down to Mac Servicing Ctr in AMK today to collect my powerbook back.. and was kinda disappointed with the level of servicing done to the screen...

1) there's still 2 dark corners present even after they claim that the screen has been changed. Seriously I think they just repaired the original LCD screen and wanted to charge me 900+ for it.

2) There's now a stain on the LCD surface which I can't get rid of also... the counter staff said that they dunno what is that and it could be tape...

so.... I returned the pwrbk to them and said that the technicians be kind enough to look at it again coz if a new LCD screen still has dark corners, then it's not a replacement then. I need my equipment to be in tip top condition since I have paid top dollars for it.

I'm pissed off...


normally if an item is repleced..the faulty part must be returned or at least shown to the customer as envidence.. YOu can demand for it if you feel not right..

ahh yes, that I will definitely ask them to do... can't believe such shoddy work from a reputed company

hey ron,

just read about your plight. i've had problems with apple repair, they've stonewalled a couple of times when i had issues with my powerbook. this screen issue seems to be common, hope it turns out ok.


Heye Wes,

thanks! The book's back and well, they indeed gave me a new screen but the 2 bottom corners are still dark leh...

Really don't want to delay my work further so just got it back lor. Need to invest in the ACD soon.

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