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Welcome to Paradise!!

Just came back from covering Mudgod & Ms P's ROM getaway in Pulau Tioman over the weekend... Great getaway place and kudos to Mudgod & Ms P for finding this amazing place, where I would forget time and again that it's Pulau Tioman, I seriously imagine that maldives would look like this too!!

so what do I mean by 'Paradise'? :)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

Turquoise waters, blue skies and the wonderful services by the staff of Jepamala Resort welcomes you right into the paradise.. Makes you wanna just laze around in the sun and enjoy diving or snorkelling in the clear waters...

Great destination to go!

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Indeed very Maldives-like! ;)

wow, the place looks amazing! and your shots look like they belong in a brochuer!

wow... yes, very like Maldives. Gorgeous..!

LMS: yes yes! hahaha... that walk down the jetty.... if only the speedboat is a water taxi.. hahaha

beanbean: heh heh.. thanks! You & DD should try this one out.. really amazing place to do nothing but enjoy God's creation!

Eh, looks like you can sell the shots to the resort. Looks better than what they had on website!

Continue to doll up even when the bump gets bigger! It's good for the heart, mind and soul that you still look good in spite of the growing swell.

Sorrie... too many windows opened! That comment was meant for lilsnooze in her blog! I love the shots you took espy the first one!

Hahaha, yeah, you should so sell them your pictures, and probably get a few nights there FOC!!

Love the shot of the boardwalk, with the clear waters and corals VISIBLE. Mine cannot see the corals, and graduation of colours as clearly lor!

Your pictures really turned out BEAUTIFUL, i didn't call you "da man with the gifted eye" for nothing. heh.

guys dun be fooled.......
it's just photos
the actual place sucks....
(darn gonna have trouble with reservations for the next trip after ron's beautiful pics...)

u sure u din mix up the photos from maldives? no... i dun believe u. either that or u learned some kick ass photoshopping skills somewhere:P hahahaha!!:P

Ms Lil Beadalot: hahaha.. yes yes, exactly what I felt when I went up the pier and started walking down the broadwalk.

LMS: you think so? *brainjuice start turning* heheh... j/k. My shots are just holiday stuff

dR: wah... I was kinda wondering what in the world are you talking about in your 1st post! hehehe...I see that you have upgraded your firefox also.. heheh.. thanks for liking the 1st shot. I like it too!

Jemej: wah... then like that I send them a quote and get some good shots done there, my payout is a free 1- 2 months stay in order to complete the project over the period of time.. I like some of your shots in the gallery. You and Jem sure can model leh...

Mudgod: hmm.. yeah hor, I also want to go there and treat it like a private paradise.. okie guys, the shots are EXTREMELY D.Ied... the sky is not blue, it was dark grey and stayed that way all the time... blah blah blah... glad you and Ms P liked them though.

WS: yoz Mr Cloud Niner! Simi si 'Photoshopping' - buy fotos ahh? hahaha... actually chaging my workflow to using ACR 4.0 now.. not badzzz

helloz, i juz happen to pass by and like this post with pretty pics =)

ha i always tot such beautiful island island photos are either works of a great DI artist or a great graphic designer =x so nice for you to be part of such a funfilled and beautiful wedding! x)

i love the 1st pic!

Haha, you mean the shots of his toes pretending to be some dragon monster eating up the jetty? I took this while we were lying down on the deck chair - i laughed so hard that i was almost better from the hangover after that! =p

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