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Some wedding myths

I suddenly thought of some of the wedding myths while looking through some of the pics from recent weddings... and seriously there's just no sense in these myths so I'm just gonna list them down here but do feel free to add them on ya?

1) Man on the left & Woman on the right

- which bugger came up with them anyway... as much as I have checked (this has something to do with the taoist belief of the equal balance of yin and yang) but please... it won't unbalance your chi unless you delibrately want to.

2) When it rains on your AD (actual day), it means you maybe a stingy person...

- no comments but Singapore's weather can be rather unpredictable these days. Another version I heard was that if it RAINS on your AD, it's good luck coz it's blessing from the heavens.... sigh.. who's right and who's wrong I don't know, all I know it can be hassle to the couple and a danger to the camera equipment

3) Wife or Husband going into the new house 1st.

- this one is another clause for domestic quarrels. The elders believe that whoever steps into the house 1st will rule over the other spouse... (crap). Other versions include stepping on the shoes or letting your mother-in-law touch your head... Marriage is about living together; not ruling over the another...

4) Exact timings....

- this one is very subjective BUT I have seen and experienced the inconvienence of having to adhere to the weird timings coz the almanac says so. I pity those traditional teochew brides who have to get up @ 3 - 4am.

That's all for now.. will think of more funny and interesting myths of wedding... do share if you have heard or experienced any other than this ya?


Re the Man & Woman's positions, I think Pastor told us during our wedding that it had to do with men holding a sword and shield in the olden days? Something like that. I think I've forgotten too. *grin* Maybe you should ask him!

brother.. if you noticed that for me... i was on the right and my baby was on the left during the ROM which you took....heeee..

Silver_crv - hahaha... no lah.. just that I'm quite flabbergasted at how some older folks are such slickers for such "rules".. it doesn't matter whether you are standing on the left or the right or like 5 inches or 3 inches away from the chair when serving tea.. it's all in the spirit of respect and love.

Beanbean - really? hahah.. must ask pastor liao

hahaa.. :P
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