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Not a blue monday...

The weekend whooshed by yet again and I thought I will be waking up to a blue monday.. at least this was what always happened.. but today's a little different :)

Last sat was Lil Snooze's good friend's wedding (Oink as she is affectionately called).. well, it was fun though she can be quite uptight but I guess which bride isn't on one of her biggest day of her life... was quite knocked out by the time I got home, took a bath while downloading all the shots into my laptop for safekeeping.

Sun was good also... woke up late but managed to catch brunch @ Holland V's Crystal Jade La Mien Xiao Long Bao with Ms Clover... (now my fav haunt coz of Shyam & CY's frequent meeting up in Holland V and the resultant late meals at the restuarant after our foot reflexology) Intro-ed her to the hand man la mian and all the vegetarian (read: healthy) dishes that used beancurd skins and japanese cucumbers as main ingredients. The rest of the afternoon was left snoozing and watching CSI on AXN.. lazy sunday...

So what's up today? Got up early to go down to the photo lab to print out the photos for a client who's leaving tomorrow for a long term stay in the US (anyway I was really quite pissed with the way Singaporeans love mediocrity and dramas) Along the way I was stuck on the bus heading to Chinatown and worse, the trafficMarymount road was totally unmovable due to a small traffic accident that occupied just a lane and a half (bad car crash between a taxi and a Merc) and the whole entire 35mins were totally wasted on crawling through the lane... and as usual, the traffic 'magically' became so smooth the very second we past the wreckage.... I'm usually a patient guy but this topped the cake.

Anyway, managed to pass the client the photos which were recieved with satisfaction and on my part, a pat on the back for delivering their vision of their wedding :) In addition, I printed 2 large size photographic prints of their portraits (which are my personal fav also) for their new home in the US as a parting gift... it's good to bless others :)

Chilled out @ Leonidas cafe (Raffles City Shopping ctr 3rd floor) for the next 1.5hrs while reading a few magazines and at the same time waiting for the appointment time with a client to arrive.. I was very amused and very much in agreement with what Kenneth Wong (local fashion photographer) said in his interview with ISH:

(ISH) Qn: "What is the best compliment and worst insult you have recieved (after 5 years in the fashion photography industry)?"

(KW) Ans: "Wow, you got a fantastic body of work..... BUT we can't afford your services."
One answer for the 2 requirements in the question which I find it's SO true.... often I have clients coming to me and said 'hey we really like your works very much... how much do you charge per wedding?' When I tell them 'ohh it's in the 2.5K region...' you see their expression go from smiley to bemused and then seriously (and silently) saying opps.. no way man.

Well, I don't want to break down the components of the charges here but I believe for everything there is a certain price and as a professional, I believe that I can command this range (and hopefully more in the near future). I would imagine Ead nodding his red-as-a-lobster-coz-of-sunburn-due-to-wakeboarding head in agreement. And I still think I'm losing money due to the amount of work and components we have to put into an AD wedding.

Ohh well, forgive my ranting coz it's Monday but I am just happy to close a deal today with a very nice couple... even though the deal was based on my old price range but I'm happy to do it for them as they are really nice and I had a lot of fun just talking with them.

Yippee.. tomorrow Squash with Sam! ^.^


oh im not only nodding my friend. imagine when friend's tell you that! it packs a bigger punch.
"we love ur works, ur works are good" but we dun wan to pay you this much for our wedding. we want it cheaper! =)
irony for ya... now back to moisturizing my chao da skin.

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