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okie.... here's some shots of the beautiful island of Manado

1st off, I seriously find underwater photography a great challenge. There's so many things to consider and as well, our own bouyancy and stability in the water before we can land ourselves a good close up of a marine life (an that's beside the ability to spot it first... so I took to taking what I'm good at - abstracts and some general shots for underwater.

* still waiting for Sam to pass me the DVD as those were taken with his camera but I managed to get this shot which I loved alot from him the night after the dive -my 1st underwater abstract!

Bubbles from my regulator @ 15ft

Sunset seen from Manado island (the mountain in the distance is Manado Tua)

Preping up for the dive - walking to the dive boat in low tide

Reinhart (in trunks), our dive instructor and his merry men

Heading towards Bunaken
I always wanted to take a shot like this and so I did... it's an exhilaration to be able to sit at the very edge of the ledge and dangle your feet over the water while the boat speeds towards our dive sites.. more of this after I develop my film.

Waters around Bunaken (with a view of Manado Tua)

Another view - yes the island resort feel....

Tiny crab
On the way back to shore during low tide, I spotted this tiny crab just coming out of the sand. Although I have nothing to compare the size of it (it's slightly smaller than a 5ct coin) I shot it with my wide angle @ full aperture... turned out quite good :)

Sun rays bursting from an overcast cloudy sky.
This was actually taken on our last day dive where it started to rain from faraway and dark clouds are building up while the sun is still shining brightly on top of the rain clouds... and as I was standing at the jetty contemplating the best angle to capture the scene, the dive boat and the deck hand drifted into the frame and I thought this shot must be God -send coz it completed the whole composition - it's really my favourite shot along with the next one.

@ the jetty...
After the shot of the deckhand, this one came to me much easier. The lady was actually waiting for her husband (who works on the dive boat also) with her kid on the jetty.

Sam with his Bakmi Ba (Bak as in Bak Ku Teh, Mi as in Mee so its BakMi = Meat noodles. The ba is for soup)
It was one of the nights where we just wanna try out some local food and Sam, who has been to Manado before, recommended the Chinese Bakmi while along the way to Manado town center. See how much he is enjoying himself...hehehe....

Rice & Corn padis in Tomohon town (800m above sea level, crater lake town)
Yupz, it's hard to imagine that a robust town existed at 800m up in the mountain and even had plantations like this growing in huge fields. It was one of the land tours that Sam and I decided to go for to see the local culture and the local markets.. took us nearly 1.5hrs to get up there... and then we went to visit the crater lake

Okie, will update till here. Have to sleep and clear off some outstanding work before next week... :)

Still suffering from a trip hangover... so is anyone interested to join me for a dive trip to Manado again next year april?

wah lau! damn nice lor!!!

we also got a "sun ray"shot....but nothing like yrs....but just as awesome when we saw it in real life..

Superb series Ron. Like a splash of clean sea spray to the face. A refreshing change from the city and urban landscapes I've been shooting lately.

very impressive!!!

thanks guys...

please try to see if you can join us next year. heheh.. must announce early so can save up) in April or late March... the more people, the more fun!

The island is a paradise for photographers and would-be divers!

Soooo nice! Gorgeous series Ron!

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