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Reflecting 2008 and Hallo 2009....

As we all ushered in the new year of 2009 wherever we are on this planet, I reflected upon the past year during my short walk home from Yveon Loft gathering where we all had a wonderful time of fellowship over a superb dinner whipped up by Chef Lil' Snooze (I love the cauliflower puree & the roasted veg with rosemary and thyme!)... a continuing 'tradition' since last year when we had our first New Year's Eve dinner @ Yveon's... next year, let's try a themed party dinner! hahaha...

Settling down after a quick shower, I asked the question to myself: has it been a year already? 2008 just seemed to pass us by so fast and in a blink, I'm writing for 2009... every year seems shorter as we grow older.

During that short walk, I was thinking on how to begin writing this entry.. there are just so many things to write about but yet, where to begin from? Should I start off with my 2009 resolutions or to summarise my most fond memories in the past year (which are too many to count)...

2008 has been a year of ups and downs for many and personally for me, it's another year of thanksgiving for the love from God, family, friends, clients and peers. Without their support in all the aspects in my life, there will not be me.

2008 marked a few milestones where firstly, EyeDeas Photography turned 5 on Dec 1st. Although I didn't blog about it or celebrated it, I'm deeply thankful for the amount of support that I have recieved from everyone throughout these few years. There is still a very long road to travel for EyeDeas but with God's help and blessings, I know this road will not be alone for me to walk on :)

2008 also marked the year we applied and gotten our abode... a home to call our own :)
We have officially recieved the keys to our flat in Lompang Road (Bukit Panjang) on the 15th Dec 2008 and have been really busied with the renovations since (will blog about this when everything is completed with pictures). We marked another significant milestone in our relationship since knowing each other in May 2001 :)

We have been blessed to be within God's purview and timing for the whole house & reno issue. Blessing us with a trusty contractor and an experienced, hardworking and responsible foreman, an amicable arrangement as to how the house should be done up and lived-in... the sources that flowed through when the economy took a hit which affected quite a lot of factors. For all the troubles, headaches and 'good' problems that gave us learning experiences for the future... just so many things to be thankful for!

2008 marked another year in fostering deeper and more meaningful relationships with our close friends... significant people who are very close to our hearts and dearly called 'friends'. As time shorten in each passing year, may we all grow stronger in one another and treasuring the precious memories of friendship always.

2008 marked also the forging of new friendships thru' work, social networking like Facebook, blogs and life. It's amazing how the world gets smaller with technology and suddenly someone knows someone you know...

So what are my thoughts for 2009? That's another entry for tomorrow :D

Till then, Have a wonderfully blessed start to the year 2009!

Ron & Serene ^.^

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Certainly a momentous year for you..and it's just started. A blessed year ahead for you :)

Have a good year ahead you two! Looking forward to your new place! :)

may we have the KTV session we have always wanted to have in 2009 too! ;)

to another blessed year.

it gonna be another good and blessed 2009 for u and serene! happy 2009! =p

We have been blessed by your friendship over the past year. Here's wishing you a wonderful and blessed year ahead! xoxoSu Ling, Vitali, Vera and Nadya!

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