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a little blah blah blah....

Still suffering from Nippon withdrawal symptoms (read: no civic mindedness found locally here, no good tasting sushi or Japanese food.. not even Tomo's, no pick-me-up-and-make-me smile instant cup coffees from Starbucks or Maxim in our very barely equipped 7-lls.. ohh yeah, no Lawsons or Family Marts too... missing the clean crisp air and that beautiful light that makes shooting anything a breeze and inspiring..etc... you get the gist)

Well, caught up with Char Siu Pau for a little coffee as well as with CY for dinner... met up with Mudgod & Ms.P over dinner oso to pass them their wedding works....

Discovered that I'm really behind in Christian contemporary songs and I'm falling in love with the worship songs by PlanetShakers (Thanks CY! Playing them non-stop now :D)

Data migration of my library of songs and iPhotos to the new Macbook Pro is slowly but steady on-going... upgraded my iPhone 2.0 to the latest firmware 2.2... I got to say, I LOVE the new MAP's google Street View! I am using it now to revisit the places we went to in Japan! And of coz, lotsa new apps from the Apps store to play around.

Need to sleep... need to breathe in the Autumn air again... sigh....

so here's some quick edits from our Japan trip again to remind ourselves why we love it there:

(click for larger image) - gorgeous sunlight...

(click for larger image) - just one of the many shots of autumn leaves taken

(click for larger image) - Osaka Castle Park grounds

(click for larger image) - Miyajima (Hiroshima) isle's Tori Gate @ low tide

(click for larger image) - Momijidani Park in Miyajima isle

(click for larger image) - Taken @ 1 degree coldness on top of Souzan, Hakone

(click for larger image) - Ms Clover shot this.. hahaha.. I love it!

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

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You looks so happy...and i am sure that was not a posed smile! lol

These images are really nice and beautiful. Sometime, it take someone who really love the culture to bring the best out of it. And i am sure you have done it.

These few weeks ..with your captivating images...I want to thank you for bring me back to the place I love so much and mye friends there whom i really miss...

ahhh..i love all those pictures of ms.clover~!! u really captured her so beautifully. =p

wonderful photos. in fact i like the one serene took the best.. haha.. the watermark should be 'clover'. :D

very beautiful! Wow ms clover is a talented photographer too! Love the second last picture. Colour and graininess Reminds me of a 1970s pic taken in the Chinese garden when parents go "pa-toh" type of pic

hahaha... seems that everyone likes the shot Ms Clover took of me :p

S_CRV: hahah.. time for you to go back to Japan to find yorur friends :)

elaine: Thanks!

Leon: ohh yeah... muz credit her

SuLing: hahaha.. yeah wanted an aged processing for that one to offset the normally warm look we got in Japan :p

it in the pipeline..........

i abit starting to regret choosing to go japan in dec, when it seems to be freakin' cold, and autumn looks damn nice!


no no... no need for regrets.. you should be finding a lot of snow crabs in season now and you will be able to see more color changes by this time, late Fall :)

hmm.. So no Tomo for the next few weeks?!?!? :P

Nice pics... Very nice...


hahaha... I guess so... doesn't give me the same feeling.

But here's something I would like to try soon - Tatsuya @ Goodwood Park.
A blogger whom I always rely on for great food esp. Jap food, gave her reviews and thumbsup for this one - http://faerieimps.blogspot.com/2008/12/new-venue.html

(Thanks imp for another great recommendation!!)

Ms Clover can really do those cool model shots!

Oh Tatsuya... Have been wanting to try it, but never did get the chance, and since it's in Orchard, all the more less chance... Surprising that they are moving to Goodwood. So, when are you going? Ok to have someone tagging along!?! :P

Have you tried Nogawa at the old Le Meridien (I think it's call Intercontinental now)? That's another place which I have heard of, and again have not tried...

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