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Autumn & Us....

Looking through the folders of images shot @ Miyajima, I am at a loss on how to present them on this blog coz' the beauty of the place is simply just too overwhelming. I can't do the place enough justice with my photography, try as I might... the light is just so beautiful and the colors of the leaves (if you are thinking these colors are enhanced, they are not. It's as accurate as it is shown..) Breathtaking yeah? :D

Both ms Clover and I were totally captivated by the tranquility as well as the beauty of this park (we took a nice & slow 2 hours trek in it) and agreed unanimously that it's the perfect place to shoot an entire pre-wedding in this setting... much to the bemused stares and foreign well-wishes of the park visitors :p

The following are just my humble attempts on the 5D to show you what Autumn is like @ Momijidani Park.. enjoy! :)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image) - don't you just love the clear, crisp light?

(click for larger image) - resident Miyajima deers. You find them everywhere and they are just so friendly!

(click for larger image) - Here's one deer who doesn't shy away from human proximity.

(click for larger image) - inside Itsukushima Shrine

(click for larger image) - Grilled and Fresh Oysters from Hiroshima....

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image) - again, the evening light here is so awesome that we made an impromptu stop @ Yokogawa (enroute from Miyajima Guchi to Hiroshima JR stn) to shoot @ the river and its vast expansion of space on its banks.

(click for larger image) - Interestingly haunting but we love this combi of shot.

Now that
we are in Osaka, we will be zipping to Universal Studios and the Osaka Aquarium (where they have a ful grown whale shark on display in a ginormous tank display!) for a look-see... more later! :D

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Breathtakingly beautiful. ;-)

your photos have just "......." me. :D
you're the master

these shots are beautiful!! i think i can 'feel' the essence of the beauty this fall!

man, while i was at the airport and i saw the lighting... i was kinda angry we didnt get the same light when we were shooting. *grrrrr


Wow, the photos are lovely. I itching very much to go Japan now...

And Serene looks so cool...

hehehe... thanks everyone :)

Muffin gal: haha.. I'm sure NYC's autumn and winter is just as beautiful lor!

S_CRV: no lah... it's almost impossible to take a bad shot here with beauty everywhere!

imp: hehehe.. thank you! So have you tried Sri Lankan's 'Arak' or Coconut Liquer yet? Heehee...

Ead: yeah.. puzzled also why the sudden good weather but it's okie lah.. the shots taken by you have their own feel as well as the light is good enough, even when it's slightly overcast!

LMS: but but.. you are going to Down Under! The light there is even better! hehhe.. you and Tehpeng MUST come to Japan lor.. you will go crazy with the fashion shopping here and Tehpeng can go crazy with the gadget marts avail!

i must add that i love the last shots... it very out of Japanese fashion or their idol magazines feels...


lovely work Ron.

Darn... Now I must find someway to add Japan to the travel listing... Looks like I need a priority listing for traveling!!!!

S_CRV: hahaha... yupz, that's the whole idea!

elaine: thanks! it is... that's why we love Autumn season everywhere

Paul: WOW! long time no hear from you.. how are you?

visinvis: heheheh..... yupz you should make space for Japan!

i'm half-regretting that i'm going to japan only in december now that i've seen your photos.

can't wait to see more of your photos and more updates of your japan trip!

the yen is still very highhhhhh. sighhhh!

Candice.. no no.. Winter will have its own scenery.. that's what makes Japan so beautiful all year. Just that you have to bear with the harsh coldness which we have experienced already and it's only Autumn lor...

Will update more when we get back coz my powerbook is super Slooooooowwww....

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