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20 May 2008

Let's see... I think it's most funny when we did the most touristy things on my birthday :D

As much as we would like to take a day trip to some mountains or some off-peninsular islands to have an on-sen soak and have some kaiseki meal... wait... we are NOT in Japan.. darn it. Singapore's just too 'boring' to begin with so we decided to just go around town around and in a spurt of moment, decided to go to the Singapore Flyer for a ride :)
Tix about S$30 per pax and no welcome drink.. wow, I sure love Singapore tourism where you have to pay a super premium to get a bottle of bottled water to enjoy during the ride. actually the premium's about SGD$ 60+

Weather's good and sunny, there's not much crowd and no screaming school children super excited over the next 30 minutes in seeing the Singapore skyline under construction.

Nope, I'm not jaded about doing something like this on a day like this.. just that there's nothing really much to do also but at least I got some shots which I think is decent enough but will I do it all over again? Nah....

Well, the experience was pretty cool, the capsule was very spacious and the ride smooth. Looks quite sci-fi inspired also.

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version) - ahh.. the tele-tubby land called Marina Bay Golf Course on the right side

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

After the ride @ Singapore Flyer, we went about Cityhall for a little window shopping before our dinner @ Jaan. Ms Clover gotten a nice silk blouse from Zara Basics while I decided to withhold my purchase of yet another jacket till an appropriate time.

Dinner @ JAAN, Fairmount was quite a blast coz the view's amazing and the dining intimate. Can't really say that the food is memorable although the heartwarming service and night scene views made up for it.

Again, not that Jaan's French Fusion food is bad but we had better. Think the chef may also have been trying too hard to be too creative till the fusion is too experimental for us.

We had Foie Gras presse with Pear Confit (chestnut espuma Mille-feuille, Suaternes caramel) - a very interesting combination and done sorted with an oriental taste to it. Braised Oxtail soup (vieux Comte cheese & morel duxelle croutons) was amazingly sweet and light with the essence of the bovine infused into the soup.

For mains, we had Maine Lobster done 2 ways (Galantine of Lobster tail and chicken mousse in sweet and bitter endive, Cannelloni of lobster claw with artichokes, Pernod jus) and Roasted rack of Lamb (Sweet onion compute, green asparagus, basil gnnochi,garlic jus).

The lobster is good with every bite infused with the sweetness of the seafood filling every bite. I had the rack of Lamb with the very nice sweet onion compute though I wish that the basil gnnochi can be a little stronger in taste to compliment the roasted lamb more.

Had a whole bottle of prosecco to ourselves and my darling surprised me near the end of the meal with a salted caramel mars bar dessert (complete with a lighted candle!)
(click for larger version) - The view from 70th floor's Jaan

(click for larger version)

I would like to thank you guys who sent ur birthday well-wishes also.. hehehe... It's a wonderful way to end the night :)

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happy belated birthday!

Happy belated!! Sorry I am so horrible at noting people's birthdays!

The Ferris wheel pics are amazing!

hey my master...
your photos makes me wanted to be tourist too..
your words convinced me to go and try the delights too..

but...but... i really got no energy..wahahaa just a lame joke :D

but the photos are really nice..
glad you enjoyed the DAY locally!

Candice: thanks :)

laissezfaire: hahaha.. it's nice, Should take Vera there! Thanks for the blessing :)

S_CRV: hahaha.. you should! :D

the photos @ the flyers are great! looks like u really enjoyed your big day! good good!! =p wish you all the best ya!

heye Elaine, haha.. thanks!

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