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I felt very pent up today... with what, I have no slightest idea... just felt that my mind got congested with lotsa things.. maybe it's stress, maybe it's the lack of sleep.. maybe it's everything and then again, it could just be nothing....

Wanted to hit the range today to vent it out but no mood, no time. Like one of those rare moments when you want to go out, got dressed and stepping out the door when you decided not to.

I need a venting space......................................................................................................

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Lack of sleep? then what were you doing up at 3am then?! Uh, try online shopping?

i think another coffee session is called for. =)

You need some chocolate cake for the much needed endorphins!!!

Erm..sometimes i do have this kinda feeling, and what i did is just watch a good HK series with a big cup of Coke, and after that go to sleep!! hope u are feeling " happier" now!

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