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Feeling today....

I am in a thinking mood today... a state of mind that I wander off to the many tangents of my imagination and realty. I went around to look for inspirations and creativity and to learn again on how to see the simple beauty that God has laid out before my eyes and how I can, in essence, capture them in my mind's eyes.

I had a fine time njoying lunch with one of my dearest friend, xiao long bao @ her work place today and just sitting there under the shaded canopy of the outdoor cafe, njoying the moments of tranquility and companionship from a close friend who knows your heart is incomparable to any kind of luxury experienced :)

I took 2 shots in her office today... what prompted me to was unknown but I like the outcome.. there's a feeling I can't explain but when I see these 2 shots side by side, they are just as journalistically captivating as the realism of work is presented like it is: stark exposure, unaltered, hectic and yet, fascinating.

(click for larger image)

I took a trip to town afters to get more inspirations coz I seems to be running out of perspectives easily these days where the drag of creativity just make you a drone to the computer. I have somehow forgotten the simple joys of shooting, creating images that I like and how they (the photos) embodied the ideals that I have always wanted to achieve. I felt like a cookie cutter sometimes... and I seriously dread it coz the uniqueness of each image is somewhat dimmed into the ongoing pattern of weddings, weddings and more weddings. What pleases others seemed no long satisfy my own creativity needs.

side note: I bumped into a poly course mate also while I was in Kate Spade (Cityhall) looking for a matching passport holder for Ms. Clover before she leaves for Paris this weekend (no luck, the color combi sold out long ago.. guess we are still not that adventurous to try the glizzy gold and pink combi) and it was a very nice encounter coz I don't really see them around least the few I bumped into in the line of work.

A lot went through my mind as I browsed the works of many famous photographers and image makers of the artistic genre in Kino today... what do I want to achieve with my skills.. what do I want as a photographer.. what is photography to me actually.. where do I stand now and what is the future for my photography works... on and on and on....

these questions seemed to be burdening me subconsciously until I decided to dig them out today during my little foray into town to explore and try to find an answer for them... sadly, no answers and I doubt I will be finding the answers soon also but it's good that I have such questions coz it will help steer me in the path that God intended me to go and help me climb to the next level.

The sun was kind today to hide behind the greyish skies so that the heat will not add to my perplexity, I enjoyed my drink @ a snail's pace while browsing through this month's NatGeo while idly battle imaginary ideas for a good photography theme but my mind was already elsewhere.

(click for larger image)

Maybe I'm just melancholy... maybe I'm just too happy and satisfied with my life this point of time that I realised that I'm already stagnant in my creativity... maybe I need a breakthrough... all these to be answered in time and I pray for God's voice to direct me to the right path when He does.

(click for larger image) - I am a reflection of this self portrait

yes, I can be very dark and depressing sometimes...

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a good reflection on our mind is alway a good start to achieve another mile...

and hope you find that inspiration again soon. knowing how murphy's law work, it'll just hit you from out of nowhere.

Could it be cos msclover is gonna be away for awhile? :)

Anyway...I like the silver/pink version!

thanks S_CRV & imp for ur encouragements :)
probably itz jus this momentary phase where I just have to find myself again

hmmm... You know, u maybe right :)

hey ron, it's windy and raining here in paris. ask your fiance to pack a umbrella and warm clothes ok? it's cold even for us. =) wes

You're right about how sometimes, when you are at your most contented self, you start to become predictable. Hope you find some real inspiration and breakthrough soon! Maybe chicken rice at high altitude tomorrow will help, heh heh.

Hey man, thanks for the heads-up :) ALready got her packing warmer clothes when I saw your msg. Man, Paris is really cold this time of the year sia..

So sorry that I can't go over to visit coz work commitments and that she is only going to be there for 2 weeks :p

:) hahah.. I think after the chicken rice meal, I should have a lot of inspirations too.. hehehe...

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