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feels like raining...

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lately I find myself feeling very mellow.. like nothing really excite me anymore... I seriously dunno if I'm just going thru a temp phase or it's just me going to hit the age 30 mark soon... I mean, the age thing kinda scares me a little coz it's like what the... I'm going to be labelled an 'uncle' forever then on....

I look around me and everyone has aged: children into youths, youths into young adults and adults... just got even older. I remembered that when I was younger, I wanted to be older. Same thing as when we were all students, we wanted to get out of school ASAP and start working but realised that school life is still much better now that we are all working...

but don't get me wrong, I dun crave for youth or the reversal of time.. I'm really blessed to be growing in God's grace and mercy all the time. Time has taught me wisdom and has shown me a lot of things in life. I'm just grateful that I am @ this age and stage in life where I can make the best of everything that has been blessed onto me: my life, my family, my work, my friends....etc.

It's life's part and parcel that there will always be the parting of ways and new friendships forged. It's just one of those days I guess.... where I just wanna hole myself up at home and listen to the rain...

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ahhh... you are reminding me of the same thing which i try to ignore every morning when i look at the mirror. You know what i am referring at.

but then again..i always tell myself..just make good full use of what comes today...it really a good consolation.

yes..friends come and go..and they will always be part of our beautiful "Life Story"..better than M M's? :)

when we reached 50... look back..it be so so sweet. I am planning to do that.. and of cos..i 'll be doing that before you.. :)

oh..and i want to say... i love these rainning photos..you are the master!! man!

there are times where we prefer to stay alone, looking at the sun or moon or sky...thinking about previous, thinking about future. No matter what age we are now @, we gonna make it a good and memorable one. :p

thanks S_CRV and elaine :)

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