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EYE-DEAS - 4th year and counting..

As promised in my last entry that I would share my thoughts on being in the wedding photography business and how God has been really merciful and gracious to me the past few years.

As some of you guys would have already known how EYE-DEAS came about, I shall not bore you all but will just share a short note on being, as Ruth from Sparkle Thots has candidly put it, 4 years old ^.^

As of any business, there are many ups and downs but I am very thankful firstly to God for being ever so patient and gracious to me. He lifted me up when I was feeling down and out and He gave me so many reasons to count my blessings every single day. He celebrated with me when I have my ups times and blessed me tremendously with love and support from everyone around me.

Again, as in any business, the emotional and physical support from friends, clients and family is so very important. I'm very glad and happy that I have wedding clients who eventually turned into good friends and that even though I don't do any printed adverts, I am still getting referrals and testimonies from the circuit to keep the business going. When on Facebook, I see some of the wedding photos that I took appearing as profile pics and on online albums, it means a lot to me, even a little thing like that.

My close friends have always been a pillar of confidence and that in all things, I can always rely on them for advice and help when needed. Their vote of confidence in me has been unwaivering and I'm very grateful for their faith. I would also like to give thanks to my wife, Ms Clover, for she plays the biggest part in keeping me sane when the world is in turmoil, for the comforting shoulder to lean on when I'm emotionally & artistically tired and for being there just for me when things around me are beyond my humanly comprehension. Indeed God has been wonderful that I have led me to marry my life's soulmate.

Here, I want to give thanks also to my fellow peers who have always been there for me and for their unrivaled commitment and artistic professionalism in the field of Wedding Photography: Eadwine of Plushphotography, Wansheng of feldberyl images and Kuang of 39EastImages. Without them, I'm nowhere and no one. You guys have inspired me alot! To Ngiap Heng of The Pond Photography for your amazing love for photography has constantly provided an insatiable drive to be creative and seeking out the road less traveled :)

Through photography, I have broaden my circle and made new friends. It's amazing how the small the world is when you see that you are just separated by 6 degrees. Indeed, Praise be to God!

This year has really been phenomenal and I pray that it will be so for the many years to come!

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Hey Ron! You're THE MAN!!!
Every success has a behind story...beside everything that has been written there. One more thing..the talent and the eyes in you and just like the rest of your peers in the same line. That is professional.


congrats bro. More good years to come learning and growing!

You did well the past one year! I'm sure 2008 will bring you more surprises. Maybe expand the business beyond wedding photography?

*wipes tear, pops champagne*

:) Congrats on another year well blessed by God. I'm starting on my first official year. Like you say, it's a journey.

u rock man!:)

many more good years to come!:)

haha, nope, I'm not the man, it's God :) Without Him, nothing is possible.

pfong -
Yoz Paul! What have you been busy with these days? Seldom see you post on your blog. Thanks for the well-wishes! :)

dR -
hehehe... *hint hint* ya? Sincerest thanks for the well-wishes, it's really through you guys that made photography so much more fun and memorable :)

Ruth -
yeah *toast!* hahaha... Congrats on getting your business going! Many trials will come along the way but God will help you to persever. Keep the faith! :D

WS -
Yoz man! Thanks to you guys also! Same to you! Many many good years to come! :)

congrats ron... i just realise that my earlier congratulatory post did not get posted.

Another year! Here's to more years of your talent and blessings unto others!

(my previous comment didnt appear too!)

thanks very much Nanie and LMS! :D

hmm.. is it Blogger or what? I am wondering also coz I didn't get an email notification from one of my post reply also...

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