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EYE-DEAS Photography is 2!!!

warning: long entry coz author is feeling sentimental

Today marks a very special day: Eye-Deas Photography is officially 2 years old!
(cue: Happy Birthday Song)

It has been a tremendous year this year, with lots to do and lots to experience. And it wouldn't be possible without God's blessings and wisdom and help from good friends and partners.
Eye-Deas Photography was coined by Mrs Teh Peng while I was in the dilemma of coming up with a catchy name for the photography services to be offered - a name that must strike a easy chord for the client to remember and something significant to represent the photographer and the company and thus, EYE-DEAS was formed :)

Actually the name EYE-DEAS is a catchy variant from the word 'IDEAS' and being in the photography line, the EYE is so very important coz it's thru the eye of the photographer and thru the viewfinder (aka the eye of the camera) when images form.

'EYE-DEAS' - EYE for details - Digital . Emotions . Artistic

In fact I wanted to spell it as EYE-DIAS but that looks and sounds a little too foreign to me oso.. haha :)

Anyway, it has been a great journey, these 2 years... from the initial problems of starting up a business with no prior experience but only a fool's headstrong attitude of trying to make it work to facing more complex decisions and expanding the company.. every single step of the way was filled with God's directions, wisdom and His grace. He sent friends who recommend assignments to me and thus starting my base, He lets me fall but to be picked up again by words of encouragements and praises. He allowed my talent to extend to different genres of photography and in turn, teaches me to be very humble and to use my talents to bless others in turn.

The beginning of the company was a rash decision - some of my closer friends would have heard about it but I would like to share it with everyone here: it began after my ORD from regular service in the Army back in end 2003. With no capital and no directions, I was given a small lead in designing fulltime for a Christian magazine (which I'm still doing now) and thus I wanted to try my hand @ graphic designing. Seems that God has other plans as all the firms I applied to has given me a flat "No Vacancies" reply and once again, I was down and out.

Photography came in later as I tried my hand at some event coverages from friend's leads and job distributions and since then, it was a straight road into the the world of photography. Progressing gingerly like a newborn, I struggled (am still struggling) with competitive pricing, different vision and service quality... my mentor used to ask me this question: "What made me stand out from the rest of the photographers? If there's no distinctive traits of your work to make you stand out from the rest, you are just one of them. Nothing special. If you are not special, who will come to you?"

It was very solid advice that got me working on what is my style today - a form of freestyle monotone photojournalistic pictures. Although I'm still so young in the industry and relatively unknown in the wide circle of established photographers, I count my blessings for the fun-filled journey so far. I found the job that I wanted to do, which gives me free rein in creativity and schedule.

Of coz, in the beginning my parents and even Ms Clover, were rather apprehensive about me heading into this field as arts isn't exactly stable in terms of income and it may not even be lasting - it's true.. artists often are penniless and they will be unknown in the outside fields as Arts is just a 'hobby' to the many who believes in clerical, adminstrative and managerial status. What is an artist anyway? Can art feed one's mouth?

Well, I'm really blessed and humbled to say that YES it can, with the help of God and of coz, good friends who never give up on you when you are down.

Going into this line really isn't easy for me coz I'm not cut out for business but God just seems to find a way for me - blessing me with means and business opportunities to improve my range of services. I would like to say thank you to the people who has given me so much help and so much encouragements and I look forward to your continual support in the future.

To a very special person in my life, Ms Clover: Thank you for standing by me even when the future is dark and we can't see what's infront of me. Thank you for taking me in your arms and comforting and encouraging me to take the next step in faith and in togetherness, we will find a way. Thank you for fretting over me when I'm not working hard enough and for your patience when I lose my temper over issues in work and life. Without you, I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today also.

Future of EYE-DEAS

I guess, like all businesses, is to build upon what is the good and improve on them. To continue to strive for better pictures and services and blessing others with the talents God has blessed upon me.

Happy Birthday EYE-DEAS!!

^.^ Ron

God's purpose for us is mysterious in more ways than one and sometimes we just need that little faith in Him. I'm glad to hear he has taken you this far..You are truly talented in this area!! So now we get to view all these gorgeous shots... Keep working hard ok? I don't know you and vice versa but I love the pictures u take and I know you'll go far with your artistic gifts combined with your trust in God.

Warm wishes to EYE-DEAS!

Hi Ron,
What your mentor said is true..your works are different from others. That make what is so special about your photograghy. Still remember the first appointment with you...I have already decided to give you the job before we even meet...cos I have seen your works before and was lucky to get in touch with you through Mrs Tehpeng..
We love your works and yours are alway different(colours, moods, ideals, designs and etc...) from the others...you know who I am referring to..hahahhaaaa

Happy birthday Eye-DEAS!!

ohya!!..i did not knoow Mrs Tehpeng is the origin founder of the name!!haa

bro! *raise champange glass* to the future!

Has it been 2 years? :)

*toast* to better years ahead for eye-deas!

Not founder lah, I gave a few suggsetions and he happened to like one of them :)

Thanks for sharing your journey.

Amen. Am sure that God will continue to watch over you and your business and bring it to newer heights. :)

U know, the Lord has really blessed you greatly with talent in this area. do remember to always seek Him first and to consciously share this talent to bless those around you. That is what the talent was given to you for.

Some people say that ART is an expression of self. But I think for a christian artist, ART should first and foremost be an expression of God's love - God's love for you and His love for people. You will find your greatest fulfilment as an artist when u give to others in this way.

Congrats on EYE-DEAS 2nd anniversary! May the Lord continue to hold your right hand and guide you in His path and I pray that this journey for you will continue to be exciting and fulfiling.

I'm really happy for you :)

Hey, I just realised that my post on Friday hasn't seemed to have registered! Hmmm...

Anyway, just wanted to say congrats Ron :) To many good years ahead for you.

Hi guys!

Thanks for the well wishes, encouragements and appreciation for my works :) Indeed God has been very gracious and He has helped me forge a path that doesn't seems possible when I first began.. ahh. the wonders of God's hand in our lives.

*holding tea cup* Cheerz!

*happily raise tea cup*

May our good Lord continue to guide and bless you so that your gift may be a blessing to others!

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