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Wedding Q&As: 10 Questions you should ask your Photographer

I'm starting a new label under 'Wedding notes' for couples who happened to 'discover my blog' while surfing around :)

Hopefully it will be useful for them and to their friends while sourcing for wedding photographers.

Linked from Gilbert of http://www.9frames.com

Your wedding photographer, the 10 questions to really ask!

I have sometimes come across emails which couples copy and paste a series of standard questions which they themselves do not know what kind of answers to expect of themselves.

A good one is what films do you use? For that matter, most photographers do not have even have a film camera to start with, everyone is jumping to the digital bandwagon, even for some folks who use films, do most of you know the differences between your neo-pans to Tri-Xs?

Personally, I'd like to add, asking what cameras a photographer uses it not really necessary. If you like what you see on the photographer's website,
does the camera still matter? Will a taxi cab driver be as good in a Ferrari?

If you are looking for a highly creative photographer/artist to document your wedding, these questions are a sure fire way to inspire and help you gain access to the level of intellect which you understand his/her craft.

1) Are you available for my wedding?
2) What is your concept of wedding photography?
3) How do you work?
4) Do you have a backup?
5) What do we need to prepare ourselves with?
6) Explain the cost involved in our wedding photography
7) How do we book you?
8) How is the payment structured?
9) What are the deliverables?
10) When will we be able to receive the deliverables

Are you available for my wedding?

The single most important question, most artists (photographers/videographers) work independently and when you view their portfolio, it’s The Artist you want to hire. For the same reason, most of us fail to understand when couples ask for ideographic when they look into a photographer’s website. I feel fellow videographers echo the same sentiment.

What is your concept of wedding photography/videography

Whoa! What’s that, some may ask. Well it’s the same concept when you are looking at each photographer’s work. Each of us has our way and idea of how and what to capture. You will be surprise each artist have an idea of how their craft is present and where do their ideas and visions stem from.

Very often you will relate to an artist the way you are attracted to his/her work. Sometimes it’s the same personality or both the couples and artist may click on levels on ideas/ dreams.

Talking about their aspirations are a sure fire way to see the real artist and how passionate they are in their craft.

How do you work?

Hmm, it really depends what style of photography you are after, traditional portraits and poses photographers will like to command a certain presence in your wedding, giving directions to where to take nice portraits and documentary types prefer a hands off approach to working. Talk to the Photographer how he/she prefers to work will prevent any misunderstanding between yourselves and family members.

Do you have backup?

This is one question normally most professionals are well prepared, but to be sure do check on if there is normally any contingency in case the photographer falls very ill or having more than one set of cameras to ensure they are able to continue their job in case of any malfunction.

What do we need to prepare ourselves with?

Sounds like a no brainer but many couples fail to realize that the most important aspect for any photography is to enjoy your wedding day and let and your team of friends and family sort out problems for you! If you fail to realize this concept, talk to any wedding professional to help or assist you to allow both of you to make the best of your wedding.

Explain the cost involved in our wedding photography

Normally this is one of the first few questions in any couple’s mind, sadly some couples fail to realize that one of the most endearing aspect of the wedding is the memory, and photography/ videography. Some set aside a budget that often too low that only beginners want to take the job.

With the event of digital photography, many couples fail to realize the increase cost of the artist tools and effort to create the image. Professional grade cameras cost at least 2-3 times more than their film counterparts. Computers are part of the cost now, as most photographers need to edit and retouch their work, and software adds to this heavy cost.

This also takes up more of the artist time and the new age wedding photographer/videographer has less time to shoot more. All this adds to cost to the couple.

How do we book you?

Always ask that if you are interested in booking the artist, as many have different practices of signing contacts and payments of a certain percentage of a retainer fee to engaged their services.

How is the payment structured?

Again it differs from artists, some ask for a small retainer fee and some may like the full fees paid before the commencement of any services.

What are the deliverables?

Most artists have some form of packages so its best to understand your needs are and to explain in detail what you are getting.

Some photographers will return every single image to you whereas some would spend several hours behind the computer to edit and form a beautiful story of your wedding with their computer skills creating sepia tones, black and white or adding effects to enhance the pictures or movies

When are we able to receive the deliverables?

Some artists can turnaround with one day while others may spend up to more than a month to edit, develop and scan your images. All this may not include time to put together your wedding album, so please check with each vendor.

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Hmm... so will you be asking these questions to a photographer for your own wedding? keke...

hahaha... nope. I know what I'm already looking for :)

and it really boils down to the feel.

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