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Japan dreaming...

I have always harboured a secret longing to go visit Japan ever since my first anime. It's amazing also on how I would used to daydream countless times on visiting the country that I have seen on those J-Drama serials: the busy streets of Tokyo, the ancient castles in Kyoto, eating fresh sushi in the local fish market after the morning auction, the red glow of Tokyo tower in a city of pulsating orange... visiting the land of zen, quirkiness and pachinco has always been my fascination, I try hard never to miss an episode of Japan Hour on CNA during the weekends... perhaps that's why I have always went for the substitute alternative country: Taiwan (in particular, Taipei) where the experience of living in the busy hub of life is similar, where the observation of a different set of human social behaviour in a society such as Japan is more welcoming as well as intriguing.

Land of manga, anime, sushi, tradition intermixing with neo-generation awaits in late Oct :)

Our itinerary will be quite typical: traditional Ryokan stay in Hakone, sightseeing in Osaka and Kyoto, cycling around in Tokyo, visiting Hello Kitty land or Puroland (ms C is a closet fan of the mouthless kitty cat), checking the day and night scenes of Ginza/ Harajuku/ Roponggi Hills...

You can tell I'm definitely excited! ^.^
and I really need to brush up my Japanese again... most of it returned to my sensei liao...

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Ryokan stay is a must. I am sure you are going to really enjoy this trip. it be autumn..the most beautiful season there..
Japan has been always been my favourite place too..exactly like you said it. Something different and special from other asian cities.
I am looking forward to some really nice images from you.
Happy holiday..BANZAI!!!!

woo hoo... enjoy.

must visit the Prada in Tokyo! (ok, for me, that is)



ペギ ^.^

Ohh no.. I'm going take some time to read and understand this text liao!

How are you Peggy? It's been a long time!

hahhah ^.^

oops.. u recognise me.. :p
i'm still alive!
hv fun ya! it's an awesome place.
am going back this nov.. hehe..

Woohoo! Japan is cool! I regretted not going to Tsujiki Market because I was down with fever. So take more pics when you are there to share with me. BTW, hv you bought the JR rail pass? You can save on a fair bit on tpt if you are covering Osaka and Kyoto too.

ペギ: heheheh... of coz lah! How are you & Tim? It's really been a long time since we last met up :)

Heh... how did you know I have a blog? You guys going back there in Nov? Cool (no puns intended)!! Where are you heading exactly?

dR: Hey hey Mrs Sniffles! how are you ? Pray that the past few days you have settled down already. Hahha, read that MM really became MM :D

Will take more pics.. pray that the weather will be good. The hurricane seems to have done quite a lot of damage in Tokyo recently.

We will definitely be buying JR railpasses but we haven't decided how long we getting the pass... 3 or 7. Have to finalise our travel itinerary soon to get the pass. :)

Ohh yeah, can you email me your address in Pn? Want to send you something :D

S_CRV: Yesh... seems that everyone is advocating the autumn period is the best time to go. The leaves in their yellow and red hues over the hillsides... I can so imagine it sia... Hopefully can bring back photos worthy of the beauty there :)

Nanie: Woo Hoo! :D

it's been a roller coaster ride these few years but i've pulled it through and getting stronger! see more learn more grow older more.. sigh...

email me @ lsl_p@hotmail.com and i'll tell you more about what happens.. you'll never believe what happen.

i'm going to nagoya than to tokyo, it's more like a biz trip..

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