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Cool runnings....

Long time since I got up so early to do my stuff so just wanna recap of the happenings this week.

It has been a good week (Thank God!),

Tues's a little relaxed with just a client couple meeting up at my fav cafe in the evening. Over coffee we chatted and closed the deal all within 45mins :D Anyway, I have to say that this client is really really beautiful... she looks like those HKG stars with her definite features, large eyes and slender build.. really easy to photograph from any angles... man, I am excited over her engagement shoot.

Wed's meet-up with photographers who are/ will be/ thinking of venturing into fulltime wedding photography was successfully conducted with many new suggestions coming up. Ohh Blue Oasis cafe along Boussurah Street is really nice... mediteranean styled decor. CKuang was sharing on the problems and possible solutions to tackle some of the current problems facing both semi-pros and pros which hopefully will go a long way. Ended up late in the night with Ead and WanSheng @ the Mosi cafe in Haji lane... I love their turkish coffee... but din had it that night... clocked home around 12.45am, completely knocked-out @ 1.30am

Thurs - Day of appointments and Jamming.
Started my day around 6.45am - accompanied Ms Clover for a prata breakfast and to work. Took a cab back to my place to pick up my drumsticks for the jam session in the evening with Sam.
Went over to Yishun to grab a ride on the bus to Defu lane to pick up my binded album for a client and then to town from there via Bishan MRT to meet up with the pretty client for a quick lunch and endorsing the quotation.

Managed to check out and get a hands-on the Canon 30D which made me confirmed in my choice in the selection of a short term camera before upgrading to 1DmkII (* cough.. cough.. Ead....cough... ) Shutter/ mirror slap is much quieter compared to the 20D but still not as quiet as the 10D's, the body weight and size will be something to get used to coz it's smaller and seemingly lighter.

Anyway, after all that, zipped down to my photo lab in Hong Lim Complex to print out some stuff for binding again and met up with Larry for a quick chat and drinks before meeting up with yet another one of my client to pass him the finished coffeetable book.

Got back to Cityhall and met up with my web designer for the MCF website in Spinelli's while flipping through the FINs dive magazine for this month... *makes a mental note to self to go ADEX this Sat morning to check out the SSI courses* and finally, to the Jam studio located in the basement of Excelsior Hotel (guitar77.com) to break out the noise level...

I like this low light shot...

Sam's new bass (from Line 6) sounded really fantastic and I managed to tried out some methods of fusion jazz drumming after watching and re-watching some studio sessions clips from Larry Bright. Sam's Indo friend was also along to jam with us and we all did dinner @ the Tavern in River Valley Rd near Mohd Sultan Rd (the grilled beef is seriously excellente!) and ended the night @ the Tavern's Pub (next door) to listen to live music played by another of Sam's friend who is really talented (sings and plays the accoustic guitar at the same time)

If you are planning to head to live music pubs, do try out the Tavern from 8.30pm (every night).

And finally, went to sleep without touching my computer..... *guilty* :p

*cough cough actblur cough cough*
yes yes, lets wait for the pretty bride to really get married and THEN!!!!! i'll be 2nd photog for free! =)

zip here and there...interesting week you have...a balance of work and play! haha

wow that's quite a hectic schedule... esp your thur appointments. All that within 1 day?

It must feel great to use a day so productively.

Naniecheng: yupz, all that within a day but thank God that all the timing mesh together nicely :D

Feels good although really tired by 9 plus... hehehe...

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