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Ups and Downs...

Somehow I lost it today.

Shots I want to do didn't manage to materialise, shots that looks crappy and normal to me... totally mass-productions shots. It sucks, really.

That kind of feeling really is a let down coz I strive to make every wedding as unique in perspective as possible... this one is crazily a rush-hour event.

The weather was really zapping me out and plus the tireness accumulated over the squash game on Good Friday and a really bad sleep the night before Sat, it has taken a toll on me... I was totally non-creative and totally uninspired to be creative. Too many factors like the relatives uncles coming into the scene with their sony handycams and try to be the main cameramen, uncles with their little digital cameras trying to shoot group shots and got in front of me and I have wait for their shutter-lag camera to go off. Too many cameras caused everyone's attention to be everywhere... Main videographer too bossy ... I was seriously near the brink of exasperation.

Sigh... anyway, I do try to console myself that if there's just 1 or 2 good photo out of the entire lot, then at least it's not so bad.

Anyway.. went thru the entire stock just now and thank God that at least there's more than 2 shots that will definitely stand out in the album....

I need to sleep.....

ahem... that makes 2 of us. weddings that rush...dont really turn out the way we want em to.

the 2nd one looks like fashion shoot :)

Great picture... Be cool.

Lil'Snooze - yah, she wanted some special shots done as she din take her studio shots with the maroon cheongsam ad find it a waste...

anyway, this shot was secretly my fav alhought I can't get her to pose it the way I wanted... too tired to think and she's too saced out also from the long church ceremony.. hahah

THanks Francis for your encouragement! Just visited your blogsite.. your Rain Singapore shots were fabulous!

Ead, hahah... how was your Sat's shoot? Catch up on the 19th ya...

oh i can imagined the numbers of Sonys, fujifilms, panasonic...etc crashing through .... must be very "TL" :O

maybe nexttime you can informed the bride n groom first hand to let the relatives and friends with cameras to give space to main photographer? just an ideal which i did...

Very nice pics. The bride must be so pleased. U make her look like a model in some fashion mag.

Thanks Naniecheng :)

Silver_CRV: yupz, there's even a clause in my contract on this but then again, I understand everyone's enthusiasm in wanted to help capture the wedding in their own devices BUT I think the common courtesy is lacking in allowing the main photographer to take ths shot 1st. THe liaiablity of failing to get a shot or the moment is heavier on me than anyone else.. :) Yeah, will see how to tackle this problem the next round... Thanks for the suggestions ya!

thanks for sharing your frustrations about relatives getting in the way. it's a reminder for me that i must not get in the way of the main photographer when i attend a wedding :p

(something i fear i must have been guilty of)

just make it a point to remind the couples again in a kind manner a day or on that day itself..unlike last time when there are less cameras..these day it different. I feel sorry when i see such things also...

Those are two outstanding shots Ron!

That second shot especially blows me away.

yo ron!!! stumbled upon here don't ask me how, i have no idea where i clicked and ended up here. don't worry i've found a primary school friend this way too.. not that i remembered wat he looks like but by his name! ahah wonders of the net.

glad to know that u managed a few keepers albiet horrid conditions. i guess that's what makes the difference between a good and a great photographer, to be able deliver under pressure. good job!!

thanks Paul :)

Jon: ohh gosh, there's nothing secretive on the WWW now.. hahah.. sooner or later .. surprised that you have a blog too :D

WIll add you to my list also

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