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eMOB is a mood damper.... and some other thoughts

9am and I'm up... Sat, the eve of Christmas, a time for relaxing and joy making, a BBQ later in the evening with Ms Clover's family and then, the cruel reminder that my unit's eMOB is 90% sure to be activated... drats.. what a wet blanket to all the plans I want to do on the eve of Christmas....

My fieldpack's not packed yet (but still I'm operationally ready, just not logistically 'lay-di' yet)

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activities for me.. din realise that one's mind can be such a powerful thing if you want to really push the limit. Afterall was it Einstein that says that we are using only 2% max of our brains most of the time.....

After a night of marathon photo editing (seriously I have never tried editing 700 over shots so continously over 2 days before but then again, I pushed myself to complete it by yesterday, with the help of caffeine, chocolates and lots more of caffeine....). The final product was very satisfactory coz I also designed a DVD cover for Yveon (that's Teh Peng and Lil Snooze btw)

Whisked myself down to town to print some photos for them, then arrange to meet up with Ead for a 'bi*chin' session @ Cafe Cartel (okie, more like a verbal release of pent up frustrations/ feelings/emotions..etc about new changes in the photographic scene and updates on each other's life....) Ead also helped calibrate my new powerbook's screen so NOW i can finally do all my photo editing here! Thanks Ead!

with about 1 hours to spare from YAM's X'mas celebration, I went into hyper mode and started a little shopping frenzy @ Cityhall's Raffles Sogo. 1st stop, a gift for the gift exchange.. went around, saw nothing I really fancy for a gift and moved around to G2000 to look for a pair of pants for Sunday service (i get distracted so easily hor..).. nothing fits, all the cutting looks okie but somewhat not impressive... I have to get the pants by Friday coz I may not have the time to go get it on Sat (thanks to the eMOB..grrr...) but I got myself a nice tie to go with a black shirt though...

Popped over to Robinson's to check out if they have any thing nice for a gift and from afar, saw this Thomas Smith (London) Men's dept and so scoot over to see what they have... (and time was down to 1/2hr to 7pm!). Immediately, the young sales person (Andy) came up and introduced himself and with a great service attitude, started to make some selections based on my requirements: nothing too fanciful, plaited front, black to charcoal grey, no broad stripes..etc

and I found a pair of pants which I like very much, although it's plain black, but the cutting and material's pretty good. Thanked Andy for his patience and recommendations (really great guy .. should recommend for the Good Service Staff award) and paid up.. and that's 10 mins more to 7pm). Msg-ed Teh peng and let him know I'm stuck in town still... hehehe

When I stepped out of Robinsons, saw these cart stalls and thought why not go see if they have anything nice for a gift and HO HO HO! I spotted this very nice stall that sells very exquiste stuff - pens, stationary, frames... etc... the thing that caught my eyes were the pens.. very finely crafted and just slightly above the stated budget . Bought them and giftwrapping was a whirl again.

@ 7pm, taxis are NOT picking up coz everyon is waiting on call. Thank God that I only have to wait 10mins for one @ Raffles the Plaza taxi stand to get into one... the queue along Bras basah, Orchard and other tow areas are so long....

Reached church around 7.45pm.. hahah... late as usual. Passed Lil Snooze and Teh Peng their long awaited photos and distributed the X'mas cards both Ms Clover and myself have wrote over last week. Fellowship was fun with Alex doing X'mas song dedications and song requests... plenty of food to go around, lots of chitchats and sharing . Pastor William gave a very simple, short but very effective sermon on the greatest gift - the meaning of gifts and how God served not only our needs with the gift of Jesus, His only son, but He showed His love for His creation with His great gift. Pastor reminded us on how we should also try to reflect this into our gift-giving to the people around us - serving a need with a gift for the people around us :)

I chose X'mas cards this year coz I wanna include the personal touches that goes into getting X'mas cards and penning down words of Season's greetings. Everything's so 'e' nowsdays - eCards, eMails, e-everything made so eASY but so clinical... So when I saw those very nice X'mas cards from Marks and Spencers, decided to do X'mas cards to the people in my life - clients and friends.. it;s more of a direct touch to keep in contact as well as it's more personal (at least on my part) to give the cards directly :D Some of clients also SMSed me this morning after they got my card in their mailbox.. ahhh.. nothing beats recieving mails on the eve

okie.. written so much liao.. time to go pack field pack (sigh.........)

here's wishing all A Blessed Christmas! ^.^

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