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me, myself and ron...

I'm just reeling in from the wedding last night.

My good friend from the Army just got married yesterday and I was his photographer... a very interesting event coz I get to meet up, once again, with many of my former colleagues who attended his dinner. Caught up on a lot of news and movements within their ROA.

I managed to try out Eadwine's 1DmkII (Thanks Eadwine!!) yesterday too.. shooting @ ISO1000 and all the available light that's to offer in both the house and the ballroom. Wonderful piece of camera.. I got to get myself one. The shutter is so sensitive to the touch and yet the picture's quality @ ISO 1000 is still amazing. AF is superbly fast too. Think it showed the flaws of my 50mm which already CMI. Next up, the 580EX speedlite... comparably, the 550EX really lost its initial advantage of being one of of the professionally Canon-made flash. The 580EX's RF sensor and ETTL II is so accurate, you don't even need to gauge your exposure, you just shoot and the shot will be illuminated correctly as it adjusts its output power, not to mention of the superb recharge/ refresh time for continueous flashes...

Yesterday was one of great discovery - I find my style has changed a little and my shooting has improved. I managed to pace myself without having to remind myself to do so once in a while. The shots were good (even I can't believe I shot them. Not bragging but it's that kind of realisation that makes you sit up and notice), I managed to adjust myself and the cameras (still using my 10D for most of the main shots) quickly to situations. Major discovery that I find myself shooting more and more in available light than using flash.. must be influenced by wonderful works from Eadwine , Ngiap Heng, pfong & my revered idol, Ming.

I had a great time coz I felt like in the Army again... all the old army jokes, the guffaws and army jargons that got the girls confused... the bros were all so spontaneous and yes, I got sabo-ed as well as part of the brudders (eating chilli padi and still try to shoot a wedding after that is no joke but it's all in good fun)

Here's some of the highlights from the 1DmkII - no post pro, everything in camera really amazing! Taken with the 50mm f1.8 @ f2.0, ISO 1000

After talking to my old Army mates, I realised how 'far' it has come for me... 2 years has seen so much changes but in a way, I'm still me - O.M.O (one man operation) - good and bad but I'm indeed blessed to have found the job I like doing despite the work behind it.

Okie... enough talks.. it's back to editing photos.

Editing Formula 101 -

1/2hr = 20 photos
1hr = 40 photos
850/40 photos = 21 hours non-stop approx....

*Lil snooze and Teh Peng: hope to pass you the complete Yveon photos by this Wed (in time for X'mas :)

ahem...*mic test*...BUYBUYBUY!!!!!
Dude, we really have to optimize our O.M.O properly, I felt close to a slight burn out after 3 weddins in a row. =x

happy with the 1dmk2 i suppose?

hey man!

of coz.. please reserve for me if ever you decide to sell it .. I'm one happy customer to hand over the dough for a beauty... I've posted some shots .. all taken without post pro - the sharpness, the color, the noise reduction.. worked like a charm!


*sama sama, this is my 3 wedding in a row liao.. and next week one more.. going to JB somemore...

hey very nice shots! glad that you are growing. sometimes the worst feeling we can get is the feeling that we have stagnated.

I like the 1st and 4th shot particularly!

hey, just wanted to say that these shots look really good! the camera seems really good - and you too of course! :)

very nice pix!
so... investing in that camera? :D

nice pics, as always :)

hehe, we are patient. just there are pple asking abt the pics liao.

Thanks guys...

chanrkl - hahaha... yes, if there's seller for a good price *hint hint to Eadwine*

Lil snooze - no lah.. I drag too long liao oso... paisay :p

Naniecheng - yupz but then again, there must be such stagnant times to motivate ourselves to grow further :)

beanbean - hehe.... thanks

Very nice pics shutterbug. I like how that last pic tells a little story.

I'm sure the quality of the pics is more due to the photographer than the camera though ;-)

thanks Paul :)

I like the saying of how 'an artist without his brushes is like a bird without wings' so goes for a photographer without a good camera is only 1/2 way to accomplishing his vision :D

I like that bug. I'm gonna use your quote on my wife when the new model for my camera comes out.

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