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Blessed, so very blessed :)

Yesterday was a most interesting and exciting day :)

With a good intention to go to Dell Computers to buy the 24" Super Wide LCD Panel moniter turned out to be a purchase of the latest Apple Powerbook G4!


So whatever happened you might ask...

the story went like this:

I had the intention to get myself a LCD moniter this year end for all my photography and graphic works and was torn between the Apple Display 20"/ 23" ACD or the Dell latest LCD screen- the 24" (2405FPW) Ultra sharp super wide LCD.


images from Apple and Dell

When Ms Clover and I went down to the respective centers to test out the displays, it was all well and good BUT the sad thing is that my current Laptop's resolution isn't good enough (drats!) and so we have to reconsider all our options again -

a) Get a dedicated Apple desktop system (Imac G5 or a Mac Mini)
b) Get the 24" LCD and live with the current resolution (which totally sux after you see how small the 15" display is displayed on the 24" LCD)
c) Get a new powerbook that can support up to the 30" ACD (Apple Cinematic Display)
d) Go home

The reason for my moniter upgrade was a fairly simple one - reducing my desktop clutter (currently using a 19" CRT which is good but bulky and takes up a lot of space) and LCDs are getting better already compared to their earlier generations, nowsdays LCDs are optimised for photo-editing, video editing and very affordable.

So..... we sat down, did our budget calculation and sought out possible advices from both the Apple staff @ the new Cineleisure i21 Shop and Mr Teh Peng, the option of getting a better and newer Power book seems to be the better choice as it is a better buy - I seriously don't need another Mac system at home and the Mac Mini is underperforming if I need to use it for graphics and photos. Upgrading it will be too costly on the overall.

SO we scurried around the 2 major Apple stores - Cineleisure and Wheelock to check if they are still having the promotions of a free Ram upgrade (512mbs -> 1Gb). Cineleisure's offer is tempting but we decided to keep our options open and check out Wheelock as well. @ 7pm with 1 more hour to go before Wheelock's Apple store closes, we ran from Cineleisure to Wheelock (in so, imitating the amazing scene of Run Lola Run!).

Lo and behold! The Apple store in Wheelock (2nd day of its Grand re- opening) is offering not just a free upgrade of Ram from 512mbs -> 1.5Gb, it is throwing in an instant SGD$169 voucher for you to purchase any Mac Hardware or software on the spot!

Now the blessing part - when the both of us arrived at the place (panting and attracting curious looks from shoppers...), it was teaming with lotsa Mac converts who had heard about the deal (seriously.. I don't even know about it when we were there on Sat, it's 1st day of Grand reopening...) and the VERY LAST set of this special promo is already in the queue. Sold out!! I was like, drats! So disappointing and so sad.. the store assistant was like so empathic towards us coz we were like 10 mins late before the last set of 15" promo was sold to this couple in the queue.

I was like asking him, "wah... you sure you guys dun have another set, a secret stash for the last minute serious buyer of your Powerbooks?" and he smiled and said, nope but he gave us a tinny winny hope that maybe the buyer would change her mind or her card can't go through and be forced to give up on the promo... yeah right.. like it will happen.

IT DID!!!!

At the very last minute, when we were already dejected and planning to drag ourselves back to Cineleisure, John, the shop assistant, bounced up to me and said.. "you are a very, very lucky man... the lady changed her mind about getting a 15in powerbook and decided to go for the 12in instead!"

You cannot believe how blessed we felt at the very moment! Imagine it was like such a tinny winny chance of a back-out when the lady and her boyfriend was in the queue already, about to make the purchase when she decided to change her mind about getting the bigger laptop! I can't believe it as well and yes, I was totally grinning like an idiot when John came and told us the news....

So with that, we bought the 1.67Ghz Powerbook G4 (which truly has a lot more features than my current one and with the 1.5Gb Ram, it makes editing and processing large files an instant breeze) , in addition, we got the wireless Mac keyboard and the Mighty mouse with the free SGD$169 instant voucher.

So please do help me look out - if there's anyone who would like to buy my older powerbook or any of your friends who would be interested (which is in very good condition still, both cosmetically and internally - I'm sure those who knows me can atest to my silly obsession with protecting my laptop like crazy), please give me a SMS @ 9362 6206 or drop me an email (ron@eye-deas.com) to enquire, view and negotiate.

You can view my Personal ad page (price included) here - CLICK me!

^.^ off to transfer stuff liao!

hurrah! :)
didnt know about the re-opening... heck, didnt even know they were closed.

wow..eventful....many twists and turns,,hahaha,,congrats again!! :P

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