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Visit to Tatsuya...

...left us both gasping for more... ^.^ from the moment we stepped into the restaurant, the familiar smell of being in Japan hit our nostalgia glands and instantly, we were transported back to the delicious eateries in Osaka and Tokyo... apart from the mix of Japanese/ English spoken by the staff, we were mesmerised totally by the magic of this place.

I have always wanted to come try the food here after reading Imp's gastronomical accounts of the delicious authentic Japanese food here... and decided to bring Ms Clover for a little Omakase meal on Saturday evening. The presentation of the food, the freshness of the sashimi (okie, it's still not as fresh as we expected coz we had super fresh sashimi from Tsuikiji Market before but this is really the closest we can get to getting top-notch Japanese food) and the service quality of the staff.

I'll just let the pics from the Ricoh GrD whet your appetite a bit:

(click for larger image) - The Sushi Bar

(click for larger image) - The feeling of eating in the sushi bar in Osaka all came flooding back :)

(click for larger image) - Starter: seasoned eel strips

(click for larger image) - Sashimi moriawase : OTORO!!!

(click for larger image) - Bamboo clam in Misomayo.. HEAVENLY!!

(click for larger image) - Tempura Yam in prawn broth and a Sakura petal

(click for larger image) - Shio Grilled Rockfish with grated yam

(click for larger image) - Otoro with plum nigiri (Aburi)

(click for larger image) - Mentaiko Ebi with Cavier (nuff said.. I floated to Cloud 7 on this)

(click for larger image) - Seared Scallop with Foie Gras and Sesame Sauce
(another winner in our book!)

(click for larger image) - Uni sushi
*I know I once mentioned that I will NEVER touch Uni (Sea Urchin) or Wasabi in Singapore but I just have to try it here and it certainly didn't disappoint although seriously, I can still taste the difference in freshness. At least, I'm comforted that they have freshly grated wasabi which complimented the entire meal :)

(click for larger image) - Grilled Anago Eel Zushi

(click for larger image) - Dessert of Strawberry and Japanese Melon (sweetness beyond words!)

(click for larger image) - Chef Watanabe

The experience left us wanting more and of coz, a much lighter wallet but I must say, it's all worth the experience! We will definitely return for the lunch bentos as well!

* got an sms from Tatsuya (Ronnie) this morning on thanking us for patronising them... wonderful service this is!

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The bamboo clam! Ebi with caviar! scallop with foie gras!

I wanna try it too, but sadly, tehpeng won't appreciate any of it. :(

*rubs hand in glee* imp contrives to tempt ron and ms clover to more yummy meals!

there is aoki too. but their lunch sets are not as good as tatsuya's. the omakase is really good though. :D

wah! i'm hungry. it all looks soooo good!

iwish i have the mmmmmm to make it there,,,haha,,okay i shall drool over these pics... lol

Ok.. So how much did it dent your wallet??!?!?! This is on my to try list as well... Just had not gone down to it yet...

we can always do lunch bentos there oso when u r free :)
I love their whole lunch sets! Very affordable and delicious.
Just had it today with Ms Clover and my art director for a shoot :D

Naughty naughty... Hahaha but u r never wrong in ur recommendations! Aoki and The French Kitchen... Oooohhh... choices choices :p

Go and try! It's a great date for u & DD! :D

Aiyoh! It's affordable la. Take Mrs S_CRV there for the Spring kaiseki meal :D no regrets man.

Heehee... Cost is in the high region of $500 for us that night :p but it's worth it seriously. Go try it when u have ur outings with ur mum :)

I went to Tatsuya on imp's recommendation also, but I think the intricacies of the offerings were lost on my uneducated tastebuds. 8p

You should post some of these pictures up on Willy's March Facebook photo challenge! *grin

WOW! Now I really have to convince hubs that we ought to give this a try.

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