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Mykii - A little bit of Greece tucked away in Holland V..

It's amazing that once in a while, a little bistro pops up as a new establishment and magically whisk you away to a place where the sea surrounds the beautiful islands of Greece and the beautiful chalk white and blue architectural buildings of Mykonos and Santorini stand out in the warm evening light.. Just imagine yourself sipping cold bubblies and enjoying the alfresco dining under the blue hour dusk...

Wait... I'm still in Holland V :)

Well, that's what I personally felt when we walked into Mykii's this evening for dinner. I would have never heard of this place until I did a search on HungryGoWhere.com to see what is nice around Holland V since Ms Clover needs to go there to return her books from EMC bookstore.
We have yet been to Greece or to the wonderfully romantic island of Mykonos or Santorini but this place, this evening, gave us a taste of what it would be like :)

I totally love the ambience, the beautiful simple theme that reflects the isles' signatures and of coz, the fusion food that came along. Maybe it's just us in the mood for some tranquilty and a dinner just for us both coz it was empty in the bistro except for the 2 of us there. The evening was cooling and clear which added to the whole magical dining experience... hahaha... :)

Although the fusion food was a surprise (I thought they would try serving up authentic Mediterranean crusine before taking the fusion step in order to entice more Singaporeans), but it's a mixed review between Ms Clover and me (on the food)... Here's some iPhone pics (do forgive the poor quality though) to share of the place:

(click for larger image) - the very cool and bright interior

(click for larger image) - One of their signature appetisers: Pissaladiere
We love the pastry bottom which goes well with the sweet peppers, kalamata & green olives and arugula leaves.

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image) - Grilled tofu & pumpkin stack, Sweet Basil and Tomato Coulis
Loved this one but I would think a bit of sundried tomatoes to counter the balsamic vinaigrette would go well also :p

(click for larger image) - BBQ baby back ribs
Pretty normal stuff but the ribs are juicy but not enough seasonings in depth

(click for larger image) - Grilled Goby fish
Ms Clover finds the chinese styled dish pretty good but the portion is a tad small, the fish a little too deep fried but sweet and tender on the inside

(click for larger image) - Lemonie Crush Granita
Most excellent drink for the evening coz it's cooling, super refreshing with the ice and mint. If you are not a fan of Mojitos but wanna try a Mojito, this is a Mojito-zero (without the alcohol)

Well... overall, it's a great experience.. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 for ambience, 7 out of 10 for food. Definitely will be back to try other stuff :)

Check out the review from HungryGoWhere
Check out Mykii's official Website

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thanks for update! and recommendation! looks like we have to take a trip to HV soon!

this restaurant looks so nice!! must try it when we are around HV! =p

sounds like an idea for your honeymoon location!

- r a e

wah. so fast you found this new restaurant. :) i don't mind this as an easy lunch place. pretty decent. i refuse to go there for dinner. parking is atrocious.

wow...I MUST go! Den again, you can make any food or place look good. Thanks for the recommendation! =))

hmm.....looks good. Just when I'm having a craving for Greek Food. Can't believe I haven't had some since I left Australia.

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