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DOZO : Fusion dining

"Dozo" = the Japanese equivalent of 'Please', 'To Usher', 'Welcome' etc.

After Faerie imp blogged about her unexpected good experience @ Dozo in April this year (thanks for the recommendations!), I have been tempted since to go try out their food & services but found no 'right' occasion until yesterday when the group of us decided to give our dear friend, 'Parrot' (Parrot of the Curry Bean blog), a birthday dinner treat!

Aptly, under the reservation name, I put down the group as ' Parrots Of The Curry bean' which amused the staff very much while he was taking the call but nevertheless, entertained our nonsense :p Their impeccable service started from that phone call with detailed enquiries on what's the occasion (birthday) and the name & spelling of the birthday star and of coz, a follow-up call on the day of reservation to confirm our attendance.

What really wowed me was the heartwarming service we recieved from the staff who served us. Esp. when the starter of pan seared foie gras, scallop and lox (smoked salmon) was served, he specifically pointed out the order on which to enjoy 1st to last: from the mildest taste to finishing with the lox. That scored big points with me coz that's how the restaurant value their efforts in the food they present and how they would want their guests to optimise their gastronomical adventure with Dozo.

Food wise, the presentation was excellent and the taste was good (Tehpeng even ventured a rare encounter with raw beef carpaccio which he liken it to a crispy popiah) although Lil' Ms Snooze's seafood soup was a little too 'fishy' and I would definitely desire a little more truffle to be infused with the cepes mushroom soup. The starter of seasonal fresh sashimi platter was as fresh as it comes. No lingering bad slimy taste for the ika sashimi and the shioyu used tasted really good (not the very salty kind).

Price wise is also very reasonable for the standard of food (7 courses), great presentation/ portion as well as the overall ambience (minus the spa-like music)... definitely will recommend for intimate dinner, business meal settings or just a casual night out :)

The private room which we had was an excellent setting for a light-hearted night of conversations, lantern festival riddles, cold jokes and a time of fellowship with friends from church.

Here's some pics to share:

(click for larger image) - fresh Sashimi starter

(click for larger image) - softshell crab + tempura

(click for larger image) - escargots cooked in 2 ways

(click for larger image) - the main: hotstone Gyu slices on 'pu-ye' leaf

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image) - the birthday parrot with his cheesecake and name written in choc sauce

(click for larger image)

(click for larger image) - the flock of happy 'parrots' for the night :p

Happy Birthday POTCB!

#02-02/03 Valley Point Shopping Centre
491 River Valley Road
Singapore 248371
Tel: 6838 6966
Website: www.dozo.com.sg

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One day, you must teach me to take food pictures. Of course, meal on me lah. :-)

muffin gal:

hahaha... glad to share lah :)

u win lor- reserve under that name. heheehehhe. lovely colors in the pics.

hmmm i'm still thinking of the food...

Hhahah the reservation makes me lol! =p nevertheless, a warm and joyful celebration for parrots! =p

the food looks so yummy!! But then again, I think it is the magic in your photographic skills. =))

Su Ling:

hahah.. no lah.. the ambience is really good there so the pictures turned out well :D

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