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the shoes episode...

Decided that Mondays should be my rest day from now on... like all retails....

As Ms Clover has worked the weekends and I (in my frantic bid) to delay the oncoming last week of Aug 2008, decided to cheong thru' the weekends with editing, answering emails, answering a questionnaire from Female Brides, selecting photos, editing photos from my corporate shoots... etc

Anyway, so the weekend ended with most of the stuff done and feeling quite accomplished, we decided to give Mondays a rest and go shopping for our stuff (for the shoot and wedding...)

So 1st stop was lunch @ Tung Lok Signature in Vivocity... it's good stuff really.. love the presentation, love the food - the lobster in old chinese wine is a delight, love the ambience (all white and modernly stark)... no pics coz lazy to bring camera.. but it's really good stuff. Will definitely go back there again.

Next up... went over to the C.E.D store to look at the Oakley's Radar series which has caught my fancy for some time already but holding back coz I have too many pairs of sunglasses from Oakleys (but what's one more to the collection right?) Anyway.... looking at this one with the Path lens.

imageĀ© from Oakley.com (US)

It's something similar but with a metallic chrome Oakley embossed... still thinking about it.. it's SGD$ 400+ moolas

+++++++++++++++++ edited : 02 Sept 2008 +++++++++++++++++

Heh heh.. this is the model created under Oakley's Customised menu. And my goodness, it's cheaper to get it in US.. polarized lenses with the abover customisation - $290 USD only!


Next up, we passed by Zara again and decided to go in for a look-see and it turned to be a 'big' mistake... Ms Clover ended up with 3 pairs of high-heel shoes! (personally I think she looks great in them). I'm sure the ladies out there all know the story of how 1 pair of shoes leads to another pair and before you know it, you are looking at a few pairs of them in front of the mirror, thinking about their potential and mentally going thru' your wardrobe of clothes and handbags to mix/match the shoes... so, in the end this shutterbug decided to pamper his missus and bought all 3 pairs for her (hint: all 3 pairs of shoes equate to 1 Oakley's Radar sunglasses ... so take the hint my darling Ms Clover) :p

After leaving Vivocity with a lighter wallet, we headed back home to pick up a document to go to HDB to settle some of the new house's procedures. The process took less than 5 mins to complete so we managed to squeeze in some time to go to Genting Lane's SPH media Centre to drop off something for the Editor of Female Brides before we stumbled upon a warehouse sale in the area... it's a Hush Puppy shoes sale and thank God we managed to catch it on the last day of the sale!! Hehehe.... :)

So bought some shoes for less than SGD $40 per pair and they are good quality shoes! Amazing... I love warehouse sales.. hehehe...

Last run was to the tailor to do my measurements for the suit which I will be wearing for the shoot... such a headache coz there are so many fabrics to choose from and quite a number of cutting.. but I decided to go for the modern contemporary 2 buttons single breasted formal. Decided to tailor 2x double cuff shirts also to match the suit...

there ended our Monday of running around... it was a good day coz we had a lot of good laughs along the way, just a great day to spend in each other's companionship :)

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It was definitely a sweet one! =p can't wait to see the photoshoot~!

same price for 1 sunglasses or 3 pairs of shoes...hmmm...shoes more worth hoh? ;)

Okay, I'm not gg to say 'but you have so many pairs of oakleys already' because that can backfire and become 'she also has many pairs of shoes!'.

hahah.. can't wait for Nov to come also.. wanting to get away for a long time...:D

Hmmm... the delicate balance.. Oakley more worth lah... Shoes are a plenty but a good-fitting sunglasses is rare :p

Muffin gal:
hahahha... thin line threading lor :p

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