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on the arrival of the 3G iPhone era....

juz a very quick update on this week....

Very busy with corporate shoots as well as trying to do a million other things at the same time so explains the lack in blog postings...
Trying to get enuf sleep everyday is seriously finding its way to the top of the list.... Zzzzzz

Anyway, a quick snippet of the 3G iPhone launching this Fri:

The price plan is quite incredible... imagine paying a super premium of $205 per month for the next 24 months (not including over usage charges) for a USD $199 phone -.-! -> read it here

Really too expensive to stomach overall even for an Apple product.....

* blogging this entry from the 1st gen iPhone btw while waiting for my creative director to arrive ;p *

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ooh... u mean there's a separate price plan for iPhone users??? SGD205 per month is wayyyy too expensive.

The RED brand's plan right? That crazy!!! wait for others to launch lor..

btw..i hope my little boy managed to give you some helps.. haha

oh my god! that expensive! looks like gonna drop that idea dy..sad..

muffin gal:
Yupz.. works out to be SGD$ 4920.00 (24months)! Really a huge sum to pay.... the rest of the plans that were released (if you are an existing customer) also doesn't really justify the cost of owning one in the long run

yupz,, wait till the end of this year and see how coz there's bound to be a price war. Thanks for your whole family's help yesterday! hehehe.. Edgar's great on camera!

hehehe... just wait a bit more lor.. good things come to those who wait :D

aiyo, u never read properly lah. it's only IF you want to get the phone for free. but if u pay, it's not so much.

my current iTwoplus plan can get me the 16GB one at S$208.

but then again, i say, if u want that apple chopboard, wait till early next year:D

I read and didnt quite understand the plans.

but clearly only those on high-price monthly plans can get the iphones.

i think it's not too bad. it's pretty much the same price as some of the mid-high range SE/nokia/samsung phones. i think reports of the 205 per mth is quite misleading leh...

hahaha... so many comments over the new 3G iphone :)

anyway WS, the ultimate thing that boils down is the pricing. I quoted the ultimate premium pricing as an example of how much to expect to pay overall if you want a free iPhone and enjoy the data subscription.

If you are an existing customer of Singtel, then it's a definite that there will be better deals when you 'upgrade' but overall, it's still a premium for people who wants an iPhone.

Afterall, they need to know how to install the 3rd party installer to enjoy the full potential of the phone. If not, the rest of the functions like music, phone, notes, iTunes store and camera are all they really use. And the BlueTooth can only use for pairing with earphones, can't even send files from P2P :)

Here's Yee Wei's (Ciderjuice Production) take:


Another point that I would like to bring up is not only does the Singtel's plans makes affordability of the iPhone 3G a bit hard, it makes sellability even harder :)

1) you are tied to the plan no matter what. Premature termination equates a hefty fine.

2) How much can you really sell the physical handset for... in the end you still 'lugi' coz you need to finish paying your data plans

3) I foresee a lot of people will start selling their iPhone 3G pretty soon coz a) they don't know how to use it properly and then start to wonder why they paid so much for it, b) they think they can make a quick profit but in the end.... and c) they realised it's just an 'Apple Chopping board"


Great photo blog, good job. Can we xchange link?

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