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Thank You Lord...

Today has really been an incredible day... Thank you Lord for Your mercy that I was late for Sunday band practice but in turn prevented a bad accident from worsening.

Ms Clover had a fainting spell this morning after she complained of an extremely painful tummyache. I was very thankful that I was late for church band practice coz if I had step out of the house on schedule, she would have fainted in the house with no one around to help - the risk of hurting her head when she fainted can really be severe if I hadn't noticed that she was looking a little weird and non-responsive to my repeated callings. She went limp with her pupils dilated and her lips went pale. As she is slightly anemic, I suspected a sudden drop in blood pressure so I had to quickly make sure she is in a recovery position and making sure the nothing is affecting her heart or breathing.

Thank You Lord for the fact that my mum trained me well since young to know what to do and act calmly in times of medical emergency coz she herself was a senior nurse in SGH before moving on to be a clinic manager in Mount Elizabeth.

After making sure that she was alright (the loss of consciousness was very brief like 20 seconds but she has no recollections of me yelling at her for a response or how she pass out), she came to and we quickly assessed the situation and thought it best to go to a hospital to check it out coz this fainting is a very strange and isolated case .

Throughout the journey to TTSH, I was giving thanks to God in my heart for His saving grace and mercy. Had I went out of the house earlier, it would really be disasterous and God knows what will really be the outcome. God is watching over Ms Clover and over us.

The hospital side has no conclusive results except attributing it to be an isolated case but has referred Ms Clover for a followup with a Colon Specialist next week to see if there's any adnormalities in her gastro/ colon that caused that severe tummyache that made her faint in the 1st place.

I'm just glad and relieved that she is now okie with no major complications from this episode although I was a little shaken by it as it was so sudden. Had I not been there, I will really be feeling bad if anything happened to her....

Dear daddy in Heaven, thank you Father for Your timely mercy. For protecting your children in need and for the timely intervention so that no harm will come to us. I pray that You will continue to watch over all of us and give us grace to handle the situations that may come our way and to give You thanks for the trials that will mould us to be the persons You create us to be.

I pray all these and lift Ms Clover upon Your hands. In Jesus's name. Amen.

On a happier note, we would never guess who we will bump into when we were at Changi Airport T3 just now while sending Ms Clover's brother to work (SIA steward) - dR, MM and lil' Kayla! They were having their last of Singaporean food before taking the long flight back to NYC... hahaha :D It was really nice to meet up with them on 2 separate occasions in the short duration that they were in Singapore and now I had the coincidental opportunity to bid them bon voyage in person. God is truly amazing!

* by the time you guys are reading this, you should be back @ home in NYC so welcome back and we missed having you guys around! :)

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Indeed, thank you Lord for His mercy.
And really, what a coincidence of meeting dr&family!

it makes me heart skip a beat too..while reading lines by lines, really hope that ms.clover is perfectly ok now and do send my regard to her! last but not least , well done Ron ! =p

Oh no, hope Ms Clover is a-ok now!

Gee, I missed out on meeting Domesticrat!

indeed, thank god that you were around when ms clover fainted. hope she recovers soon!

i'm reminded that i never knew the conclusion of my tummyache from the hospital. HMMM..

phewww... hope ms clover will be okay soon.

Good to know ms glover is alight now. And hopes he recovers soon...
It must have be long day for the bothof u.. Take good care..

Hmm... no wonder I found her looking rather pale. Hope she's better by now. And it's so nice to catch u both before we left.

oh no....hope she is ok! Yes, thank God you were around! Do send her my best wishes. Take care!!

heye all, thank you very much for your concerns, we r really touched :)

She is fine now, could juz b a 1 time strange occurance. Prayfully, no more such surprises.

LMS: thanks! Muz thank tehpeng for covering my position on sun.

Elaine: haha.. Machum drama script right?

Jemej: thanks :) glad to see u posting again. Aiyah, there will be another chance to meet up again.

Candice: actually it will be good to find out abt ur report soon. The reason why I was so kancheong abt Ms Clover's episode was that she lost consciousness when her eyes were open, not typical of a normal fainting episode.

Wenz: :)

S_CRV: yeah it was a long weekend but thankfully its a good ending to the episode.

dR: yeah, its really very nice to see you guys just before you trio fly off. Sharp eyes :)

SuLing: hey hey! Thanks. Howz Vera now? Prayfully that she has recovered. How is ur pregnancy coming along :)

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