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SY & WM - Church

So sorry for not blogging consistently these days.. really busy with some corporate works as well my missus has fallen ill this week.

So far, a summary of the past week has been great with some impromptu meet-ups like a Kuriya Buckwheat Soba birthday lunch with Char Siu Pau last week and a birthday golf range session with CY on Sat morning... hehehe... and yes, I have gotten both CY and Ms Clover on board the golf interest :D Also, we visited Starsapphire and lil' Claire at her place.. aiyoh, the little princess is so cute.. very delicate features and amazingly long digits - natural born musician!

Monday night was a gathering @ Yveon's with dR + Kayla, Mr & Mrs Silver CRV + Edgar and of coz, the hosts + lil' Nat over indian food. The babies are so interesting to observe as they interact with each other. Here's the accounts by the generous hosts - Lil' Miss Snooze and Lil Nat (written by Teh Peng)

Yesterday was an interesting one.. I signed myself up for a Le Petite Portraiture session with Shin who is with ThePond Photography. Since I missed out the onedone by Ngiap Heng the last time, I can't miss out this out coz it's a great reflective experience for me as well as to get some nice portraits done by an award-winning photographer like Shin.

Needless to say, I totally enjoyed myself coz Shin is really easy to conversate with and Alfred was very entertaining. The experience in front of the lens also gave me a few insights into how my subjects feel whenever I shoot them, frankly I am most comfortable hiding behind the camera but now that I'm in front of it, it feels totally different :D

Anyway, the main gist of this blog - SY & WM's wedding.

When SY announced her marriage plans some time back, I was a little taken by surprise. I mean, this young lady whom I've known for the past 8 years is getting married! Wow... time flies when she was just this quiet little girl in the Youth ministry and suddenly, she is already getting married... (stark reminder of how old I'm becoming also :p )

She has gotten Tehpeng to shoot her wedding while I decided to play the busybody and shoot some off-shots for myself. Frankly I relish the opportunity to shoot as 2nd photographer sometimes coz there's no obligations, no hassle and I shoot whatever I really want and how I want it. So I decided to cover the entire church ceremony portion with my 5D set to monochrome and shooting in available light - it was pretty fun and kinda surreal coz this is my church and most of the people attending the wedding are familiar to me.. hehehe....

Here's some shots to share:

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version) - lil' Nat and Lydia

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version) - Char Siu Pau and lil' Siu Mai

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version) - I personally love this shot of the emotions

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version)

(click for larger version) - Congrats you 2! :)

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you're back!

hahaha... I never 'left' mah :)

really nice ron! the church and wedding look so different (and nice!) in monochrome.

hehehe... thanks Bean Bean :)

wah makes me wanna do my wedding all over again! wahah!

I really like the shot of SY&mum. nice one.

hehe... There's always anniversaries :)

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