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With HDDs getting cheaper nowsadays and information just keep piling up in existing drives, it's a good time to invest in such lovely designed external HDDs like the Seagate's Free Agent Pro/ Desktop Drives...

Now my Powerbook is much happier with so much things offloaded to this beautifully designed drive. It's very sleek and minialistic in design as well as setup. When I opened the package, there are only 4 things that greeted me: the drive itself, 2 wires and a card that says " This won't take long." and has a 'Hello' sticker pasted over each bag that sealed the components. Normal for an external HDD but it's the overall experience that Seagate wants to bring across to their customers.

Setting up is clearly easy also: just plug in the power adapter and the USB 2.0 cable into the drive, plug in the other end of the USB cable into the Powerbook and viola! done. The soft glow of the yellow strip will signal that power and operations are normal (it will pulsate gently, much liken to the Hybernating mode of the Powerbooks/ Macbooks when data is being transferred). It utilised the Barracuda series HDD with the 7200rpm r/w speed so it's quite stable as a backup drive or scratch drive which I have partitioned.

The firewire version (Pro version) are in Singaland but I think I want to settle for the USB 2.0 version 1st.... but what I really like is the 5 years warranty on this thing.

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yo! i got the same thing too! 500GB too? yes ..teh setup is as easy as ABC. I settled for USB 2.0 too cos aty the moment the firewire is not necessary yet..
Anyway it pretty fast...and the orange glow itself is nice to look at espcially in the dark..haaa

Hmm... I am also eyeing this is part of the network storage that I am looking at (since this is much cheaper). So how much u got this for?!?!?!

S_CRV: yeah man... but I think the firewire one is cool.. so much faster. Will test the USB one out 1st coz I want to see how hot the HDD inside can go :)

visinv: Network storage? Hmm... you want to link them unto a 2.0 USB hub? hehe... got it for less than $150

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